Crazy Bulk Review - Best Muscle Building Supplements

Looking for the Crazy Bulk Supplements? Your main goal of visiting the gym is changing your physique. You may experience improvement in your heart beat rate after several months of working out. The exercises, accompanied by a healthy diet and proper sleep, does not, however, produce the superb built you have been craving for.

You may start wondering what you are doing wrong. A talk with your gym instructor will provide an instant answer you have been searching elsewhere for so long yet it is next to you. Long admiration of your instructor’s body may influence you to enquire how long he has been doing his physical exercise. His simple response of just a couple of month may amaze you. Then what is the ultimate secret to his great body? The simple answer is the correct use of certified and approved best legal steroid.

Steroid’s the answer. On top of the legal steroid production is the name Crazy Bulk. So what is Crazy Bulk? These are safe, effective legal and fully certified anabolic nutritional supplements, designed to boost the physical fitness, body building and weightlifting stamina while building and bulking dense and stronger muscles to do these workout.

Formulated and manufactured in the US with nothing but the best natural ingredients, Crazy bulk is formulated to deliver the perfect results within a short span of one month, with absolutely no adverse effect.

They pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facilities for crazy bulk supplementation products meet both the cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Process) and FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) standards. This means that the raw material/ingredient making the products are inspected for quality, side effect, efficacy and safety before being allowed in the facilities. Further, the facilities themselves are evaluated for hygiene and factors during the manufacturing of the products. Further to the company itself is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) certified as to the reliability of its products, compliance with ethical manufacturing and marketing factors as well as marketplace responses and feedback to products. The company Crazy Bulk located in both US and a licensed facility in the UK has been manufacturing these products since 2004.

Getting Crazy Bulk supplements ensure you only the best products to deliver excellent and trustworthy results and backed by a well-established and reputable company. The below are the crazy bulk review which includes all its ingredients, benefits, how does it work and so on.

Benefits of Crazy Bulk Steroids Supplements

New nutritional bodybuilding supplements are released at a very high frequency. It is hard to know which ones are let, effective and even safe. Instead of wasting time in reviewing each and every product claiming to be an anabolic supplementation product, take time and assess the benefits being derived from them. So many will fall short of their promise. However, the verifiable feedback from Crazy Bulk users confirm and presents the true benefits derived from these products. Below are the some of the reasons why you should choose Crazy bulk supplements over any other bodybuilding supplement:

  • Made From Natural Ingredients

Unlike other bodybuilding supplements that are made from chemical products that have severely adverse side effects, Crazy bulk products are made from only natural ingredients which are plant extracts combined with amino acids and vitamins, which are ideal for your body and in no way. Basically, by choosing to use crazy bulk over other bodybuilding supplements, you choose to reduce the harmful chemical intake into your body, therefore, reducing the risk of getting diseases like cancer.

  • Burns Excess Fat

If you go to the gym to cut down on some of that extra weight then this is another reason to try out crazy bulk supplementation. It has been proven to burn excess body fat through increasing the incineration rate of the fat. This will also prevent you from gaining weight since fat incineration speed will be higher than the rate at which new fat is deposited. The crazy bulk cutting stack has been proven for its efficiency and safety for bodybuilders and athletes all over the world. A major ingredient found in the crazy bulk – Anvarol, facilitates the development of the cutting muscles in your body as well as the reduction of your blood cholesterol. By choosing crazy bulk supplements you not only choose to look good but also to be healthy inside.

  • Legitimate

All through time the so called “really good stuff” have always been kept a loop and getting hold of them has always been a hustle. This is due to the fact that they may be a bit pricey or they may not be legal yet. Most of the time legal matters arise because of lack of approval from the relevant authority which is usually due to health reasons. The only loophole one may get to use these so called “legit stuff” is when the medics get to approve of it and you are handed a prescription. Well for crazy bulk all that is no more. Laying emphasis to the first benefit of crazy bulk, this substance is legal and you need no medical excuse to purchase or use it. The best part is that you don’t need to go to some dark alley to get it or know someone great to acquire it. You can get it simply y paying for it. So for athletes or bodybuilders looking to win some medals, crazy bulk is the way to go.

  • Available Anywhere

Speaking of purchase, crazy bulk is delivered anywhere in the world. Usually, some regions do not have access to safe bodybuilding supplements. For Crazy bulk, this is no longer the case. You can easily the products either in your local drug outlet or order it online. But it is always advisable to verify the authenticity of the source first before doing any online transactions to avoid issues of fraud. Only use the official website of the Crazy Bulk by visiting to be sure.

  • No Injections

For those who fear needles or injections or do not have time to visit medical facilities, Crazy bulk has the solution for you. Say goodbye to pain and scars while welcoming capsules and tablets. This may be a better alternative for the hygiene freaks. Most steroids usually require injections which when not properly admitted may lead to infections of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis and other ailments due to blood exposure. It may also lead to blood infections that may prove to be detrimental to the user. There is also the probability of scarring of the skin due to the multiple injections administered.

  • Increases Your Recovery Time

Workouts tend to be very tiring and damaging to both the body and the muscles. Recovery from tears, cramp, muscle pulls and tissue shears may take a long time. Crazy bulk is here to provide a lasting solution to this particular problem. The active ingredients therein tend to not only, improve your stamina and endurance from such effects, but also ensure a fast recovery. This will result in quicker recovery and get you that extra energy to work out for longer periods. This in the long term will tone your muscles at a faster rate than the usual.

  • Bulking Ability

What more could you ask for? While some may consider Crazy Bulk as the best legal steroids supplement in the market today, it is important to note that a change in diet will be necessary depending on the type of Crazy bulk you go for. And what exactly are these types?  Well, there is the bulking type which includes the Trenorol and the Testo-max. Then there is the cutting type that includes the Anvarol and the Clenbuterol. Still, there are also the strength ones like Winsol and Decaduro. Finally, there are the bulk stacks also called Combos that are a combination of the growth stack and the cutting stack.

Crazy Bulk Supplements Ingredients

There are different products from Crazy Bulk. In order to get an insight of why they drive the body builder crazy, we need to explore the ingredient making them so potent. To do this, we have to explore the infinitesimal agents making up each ingredient and evaluate if, indeed, they are sourced from organic herbs, roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, barks, and other plants growing naturally. Below are the most prominent of these ingredients:

D-bal Crazy Bulk

D Bal supplements are one of the products comprising the large family of Crazy Bulk. It is known for muscle densification and development. (read more)

  • The Whey Protein Complex is the first ingredient that has the advantage of fast assimilation into the body compared to other proteins and supplies the muscles with all the needed amino acids essential for gaining mass over a long period of time.
  • The Pro BCAA is another ingredient which is a branched amino acid. When this is consumed, it facilitates your body’s ability to increase muscle growth and performance, therefore, boosting your strength as well. This ingredient also makes the body more resistant to infections, in addition to making your joints and tendons less vulnerable to injuries. This ingredient will also increase your body’s metabolism, therefore, burning fat at a faster rate.
  • The last ingredient is the 20-Hydroxyecdysterone which works by stimulating nitrogen retention and protein synthesis which are essential for muscle growth. Further, this process makes your muscles more resistant to wear and tear. These ingredients will also improve your focus and drive in addition to boosting your stamina and your overall strength, ensuring excellent improvements during your workouts. The overall expectation of this combination of ingredients is muscle growth, strength and stamina together with mass gains. The increase in strength and energy will work to improve your recovery process.

Winsol Supplement

It is another interesting product of the crazy bulk cutting product. It is made up of the following:

  • Acetyl L-carnitine - which is an amino acid that increases the energy production of the body while enhancing your workouts. It also burns the excess fat into energy.
  • Wild Yam Root - This improves the muscle tone and performance. It also functions as a natural DHEA which is responsible for boosting testosterone levels and preservation of muscles while in the cutting period.
  • The Choline Bitartrate is another ingredient which happens to be a soluble B vitamin that strengthens the body’s immune system while boosting metabolism. The increase in the rate of metabolism will efficiently burn your body fat and preserve your muscles. The lipotropic effect in this ingredient makes the burning of fat easy.
  • The next crucial ingredient is the Branched-chain Amino Acid comprising Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. These are important for muscle building and preservation of lean muscle tissue. This ensures the body receives the right amount of nutrients to optimize workouts. To a small extent, it also stimulates muscle growth and burning of fat.
  • DMAE is another vital ingredient. Also called the 2-dimethylaminoethanol, it is naturally found in fish. This works by increasing the mental awareness and clarity. It also tones the muscles and helps accelerate fat loss, while improving athletic performance.
  • The next ingredient is the Safflower Oil which is known for its weight loss properties. It also stimulates fat loss and buildup of solid muscles. The combination of these ingredients will not only build up muscles and cut down on some of those fats but will also increase your flexibility and endurance for optimum performance. The muscle building will maximize your physical strength levels and do away with the problem of water retention.


Of unique interest from the rest of the crazy bulk products is the Testo-Max product. It is made up of the following:

  • DHEA, which happens to be vital for the production of testosterone that will give the body a boost in the performance.
  • The next ingredient is the Tribulus Terrestris which commands the pituitary gland to produce more to increase the testosterone production.
  • The Chrysin is another ingredient that will stop the testosterone from turning into oestrogen, a process called aromatase. This is also the process that slows down the production of testosterone.
  • The Saw Palmetto ingredient will do the work of protecting your prostate.
  • The Yohimbe Bark extract is the primary ingredient that will boost your sexual stamina thus boosting blood flow to the penis that makes erections harder and longer.
  • The Ginko Biloba is another ingredient that will seek to improve the overall wellbeing in addition to optimizing the blood circulation. Blood flow will ensure more efficient muscle growth and improved alertness.

Mucuna Pruriens

Other ingredients include the Mucuna Pruriens which is a natural aphrodisiac and has same properties as the Yohimbe, the Korean Ginseng is also another ingredient that works to together with the Ginkgo Biloba in enhancing blood flow. The chemistry with which these ingredients are mixed will enable stimulation of various body parts to produce the best Crazy bulk results.

How Does Crazy Bulk Steroids Work?

Crazy bulk offers fourteen different supplement formulations and packages that work in the following ways.

  • Nitrogen Retention

The D-Bal crazy bulk is an anabolic compound that claims to mimic the effects of Methandrostenolone which plays a role in nitrogen retention in muscles and boosting protein synthesis that increases muscle size and strength. It ensures performance and enhancements resulting in a leaner, bulkier muscles, increased physical strength, huge mass gains and high energy levels

  • Muscle Mass Bulking

The Trenorol facilitates muscle building, helps in the retention of nitrogen in muscle tissues, burns fats and increase the production of the red blood cells that allow easy and sufficient oxygen supply during the workouts.

  • Fat Burn

Trenbolone is considered to be the best alternative and the best all round flexible anabolic steroids supplement of all times. It works by burning up fat deposits and increasing the muscle pack and mass. Another ingredient, Trenorol retains the number one position due to the fact that it has zero side effects, in spite of working hard to break down the larger protein portions through its proteolytic process into smaller particles, unblocking the deposits in the arteries and distributing the excess ones to the muscles as nitrogen.

  • Muscle Strength

Winsol is also an ingredient found in Crazy Bulk. It is custom made for boosting muscle power and cutting. It is used for attaining solid muscles, maintaining tight body and boosting muscle power. It gives beyond the ordinary strength enhancement and good fat loss.

  • Increased Instant Energy

There is the Anvarol that uses phosphocreatine that assists in ATP creation used to increase energy during the cycles. It stimulates phosphocreatine synthesis that result in explosive strength and energy levels. It is best for both genders seeing that it is best for burning fat, cutting cycles and retaining lean muscle mass. This works well with Anadrole that recreates these same effects to improve muscle oxygenation. This also helps in the delay of fatigue, enhancing stamina and vitality, supporting the growth of lean muscles and ensuring both nitrogen and oxygen retention. These two allows the users to perform better with lesser exertion and enhancing muscle growth.

  • Hormones Release

The HGH-X2 Somatropine helps trigger the release of growth hormones for rapid gains and faster recovery in between the workouts. It is used as a lean muscle supplement by bodybuilders, athletes and fitness freaks. It boosts the growth hormone leading to quality, lean muscle gains and boosting the body’s ability to burn fat.

  • Increased Metabolism

To increase the metabolic rate there is the Clenbuterol which will help you to burn additional fat, therefore, a form of cutting crazy bulk. It will boost the oxygen flow that will, in turn, increase cardiovascular performance charging up the muscles to carry out strenuous workouts. It will also boost the muscle to fat ratio, therefore, enhancing performance levels, increasing stamina and endurance giving a lean muscle mass and a perfect physique.

  • Enhanced Muscle Gains

For increased strength and muscle gains, testosterone Max will utilize double the concentration of Tribulus terrestris as other brands to increase free testosterone. It is designed to naturally boost the levels of testosterone in the body with the main ingredient being 100% pure Tribulus extract. It is the legal alternative for Stanton.

The Decaduro is the best supplement for bulking and cutting. It is the best when it comes to giving high-quality muscle gains, improved strength and relief from joint pain. The essential ingredient is the Nandrolone Decanoate responsible for its ultimate strength due to its effective anabolic properties.

  • Expanded Veins & Arteries

The NO2-Max which is a nitric oxide booster will widen blood vessels to increase muscles oxygenation for improved muscle recovery and boosted gains. This will result in huge muscle gains, enhanced energy and endurance and improved recovery time. It is also known to increase your sexual drive.

  • Elimination of Bad Cholesterols

The Gynectrol will act to reduce excess fatty tissue stored over the pectoral muscles which will ensure you do away with the excess fat over the chest area. It will boost your testosterone production while limiting the oestrogen hormones. It will also seek to elevate your endurance, energy and physical performance.


If you plan to use crazy bulk, then it is important to know how you are going to take them. You need to understand some terms. First is the term cycle or off cycle. This refers to the period in which you are using the Crazy bulk product. Hence being “Off-cycle” becomes the period in which you are not using the crazy bulk product. The next term is Stacks. These are a combination of different crazy bulk products used during an on cycle. It is recommended to use one stack at a time for a minimum cycle of four weeks or a cycle of eight weeks for best crazy bulk results.

The one stack for the four weeks is further subdivided into the following regimens:

  • To lose body fat and gain quality lean muscles ideal for a competition, you need a dosage of the four-week stack. The cutting stack is ideal for this purpose. It includes one bottle of Anvarol, one bottle of Testo Max, one bottle of Clenbutrol and one bottle of Winsol for a period of four weeks.
  • For the best muscle supplement that will help increase your strength and fast building of muscles, the bulking stack will be effective. This includes one bottle of D-Bal, one bottle of DecaDuro, one bottle of Trenorol and one bottle of Testo Max for a four week period.
  • To improve your workouts and build your body fast the ultimate pack will be best. It consists of one bottle od D-Bal, one bottle of clenbuterol, one bottle of DecaDuro, one bottle of trenorol, one bottle of Testo Max and one bottle of Anadrole for a period of four weeks.

There is the alternative eight-week stack. If you are preparing for a competition, you may choose one of the following regimens, depending on your desired outcomes:

  • If you are looking forward to losing weight and gain quality lean weight, then the eight-week cutting stack will do It consists of one bottle of Anvarol, one bottle of Testo Max, one bottle of Clenbutril and one bottle of Winsol to be taken for eight weeks.
  • In case you are aspiring to increase your strength and build your muscles quickly the bulking four stack package will be ideal for you. It consists of one bottle of Dbal, one bottle of DecaDuro, one bottle of Trenorol and one bottle of Testo Max for eight weeks.
  • To improve your workouts and build your best body fast, the ultimate six stack will do. It consists of one bottle of D Bal, one bottle of Clenbutrol, one bottle of DeaDuro, one bottle of Trenorol, one bottle of Testo Max and one bottle of Anadrole taken for eight weeks.

Crazy Bulk Before & After Results

Who Can Benefit From the Supplements

If you are an athlete, bodybuilder or a fitness expert looking to take your professional career to the next level, then crazy bulk may be the answer you are looking for. This is the good legal anabolic steroid suitable if you are seeking the next great shot in sport. Here are some of the people who may gain from using Crazy Bulk products:

  • Adult Males

Active males above the ages of 21 can use Crazy Bulk to build muscle mass and strengthen their tissues while growing their stamina and endurance levels.

  • The Elderly

Many men start experiencing decreed testosterone production after 50 years. In order to keep up with the life dynamic pace, it is recommended that they augment their natural supply with supplementations such as Crazy Bulk.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Patients

Testosterone production and weak libido are some of the factors contributing to ED conditions. By engaging in physical activities and taking a healthy balanced diet regimen, they improve their alertness and capacity to work. Further, urologist and sex therapists treating impotence and sexual inabilities recommend steroids such as Crazy Bulk to arrest these conditions before they get out of hand.

  • New Fathers

Though not so common, studies have shown that the coming of a new baby affects a small percentage of the new fathers psychologically. The stress of being a father reduces the secretion of testosterone and the proper functioning of the adrenal and pituitary glands. Testosterone is produced by the endocrine system, the system depends on emotional and behavioral patterns. Right legal steroids such as Crazy Bulk can overcome such emotional turmoil.

  • Models

For those of you who aspire to be models and have the dream of appearing in some of the top magazines such as Vogue or sports magazines then crazy bulk products and a short span for property exercises, dieting and sleep may just be the perfect way to frog jump your modelling career. Sooner rather than later, the big advertising houses will spot you.

  • Obese People

For those looking to cut down on some of the weight and body fat gained over time, then crazy bulk may be just the solution you are looking for.

Young men below the age of eighteen should not engage in Crazy Bulk consumption. They still do not require testosterone supplementation boost because they produce enough as needed by their bodies. Adding to this amount may lead to higher amounts than normal and this may affect health in both the short and long terms.

Where To Buy The Best Crazy Bulk Products

Presently, the Crazy Bulk products are available in the US, the UK and New Zealand. Orders are made through the official website of the products. Online order earns you a discount of 15%-35% through the filling of a gift coupon. Shipment to three countries are free with the order and takes 10 days after order processing. However, a freight charge of $9.99 is applicable for shipment to all the other countries. It takes a duration of 15 days to receive the consignment.

The products are guaranteed by a refund policy. You are entitled to full money back if case you are not pleased with the product. This is, however, only possible when the products are returned unopened, within 60 days for US and UK clients. However, New Zealand offers a special discount rate and an extended period to return within 120 days, if purchased through the New Zealand website.

Crazy Bulk is offering crazy process for all their products. There are discounts in picking single products. However, additional discounts are offered where if you buy two bottles, the third one is issued absolutely free: The discounted prices are as follows;

Crazy Bulking Products

  • D-Ball: Package 1 sufficient for a period of one month with 90 capsules retailing at $ 85.00 but currently discounted for $59.99
  • Trenerol: Package 1 sufficient for a period of one month with 90 capsules retailing at 85.00 but currently discounted for $61.99.
  • Testo Max: Package 1 dosage for one month’s supply, comprising 90 capsules retailing for $85 but is currently discounted at $59.99
  • Anadrole: pack 1 dosage for one month’s supply, comprising 90 capsules retailing for $85 but currently is selling at a discounted price of $54.99

Crazy Bulk Cutting Products

  • Clenbutrol: Package 1 sufficient for a period of one month with 90 capsules retailing at $ 82.00 but currently discounted for $61.99
  • Anvarol: Package 1 sufficient for a period of one month with 90 capsules retailing at 85.00 but currently discounted for $54.99.
  • Winsol: Package 1 dosage for one month’s supply, comprising 90 capsules retailing for $82 but currently discounted or $61.99

Crazy Bulk Strength Products

  • Testo Max: Package 1 sufficient for a period of one month with 90 capsules retailing at $ 85.00 but currently discounted for $59.99
  • Winsol: Package 1 sufficient for a period of one month with 90 capsules retailing at 82.00 but currently discounted for $61.99.
  • Androle: Package 1 dosage for one month’s supply, comprising 90 capsules retailing for $80 but currently discounted or $54.99
  • Decaduro: dosage for one month’s supply, comprising 90 capsules retailing for $85 but currently discounted or $61.99

Crazy Bulk Combo Products

  • Bulking Stacks: Package 4 sufficient for a period of four months with 360 capsules retailing at $ 229.99 but currently discounted for $179.99
  • Cutting Stacks: Package 4 sufficient for a period of four months with 360 capsules retailing at 214.99 but currently discounted for $184.99.
  • Ultimate Stacks: Package 4 dosage for four month’s supply, comprising 360 capsules retailing for $354.99 but currently is discounted for $274.99
  • Growth Stack: Package 4 dosage for four month’s supply, comprising 360 capsules retailing for $299.99 but currently is discounted for $239.99

Payments for the orders is through Visa, Mastercard and even PayPal. The payment portal is protected by 256-bit security encryption, so it is secure and discrete.

The Final Verdict

According to the Crazy Bulk customer reviews, Crazy bulk supplements are easily the best invention with the widest range of complementing formula and products designed and manufactured to enhance and propagate the performance of athletes, bodybuilders or workout freaks, as well as those seeking to bulk and tone up by eliminating body fats. This is the product that will give you that award-winning muscle strength, tissues bulge, tone skin and sculptured body. What’s more, it works in a very short time. Many users have gave the crazy bulk supplement reviews about building muscles, gaining strength etc.

Coming from respectable manufacturers and backed by years of research and development on safe sources of raw materials, you are assured of safe and trusted products. It is moderately priced to suit your pocket.

The products, however, reacts to some of the users. Though mild, reports have been made on thinning of the hairs, having more than usual oily skin, a bit of acne, some nausea, listlessness, sleeping disorder and vomiting. However, these situations occur more as a result of an overdose, consumption of unhealthy foods, underlying medical conditions as well as deprivation of enough sleep.

All in all, Crazy Bulk is the new safe craze in muscle mass building. Undoubtedly, it will drive you crazy, with its superior performance!

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