Extenze Plus Review - Best Male Enlargement Pills

Extenze Plus is a natural, herbal supplement that increases the circulation of blood to the penis. That means, every time you have an erection, the size and girth of your penis gets a little bit bigger. Over a couple of weeks you get impressive and sustainable results. Furthermore, your erections get harder and you last longer in bed.
But watch out: There are a lot of fake pills out there, that can really harm you! We recommend to read this guide carefully and only take the original Extenze Plus caps and nothing else!


  •  Bigger, harder more frequent erections
  •  Massively intense and electrifying orgasms
  •  Increased endurance for longer lasting sessions



What Is Extenze?

Extenze is popular male performance-enhancing capsule, made out of safe ingredients that are naturally sourced. The huge acclaimed formulation in this product is designed to deliver superb sexual stimulation and drive.

Since its release in the 1990s, it has been tested and used more than all male sex enhancement products. The manufacturing facilities meet the advanced quality controls and monitoring far exceeding the GMA and FDA accreditation standards.

These male enlargement capsules are produced by Biotab Nutraceuticals Inc. A BBB company with massive experience and technology in the manufacture of high-quality supplements. Continuous research and market feedback undertaken by this firm have led to the release of a more potent variant.

The improved formulation is structured to achieve a stronger erection as well as longer sexual performance duration. The formula is aptly named Extenze Plus. The main difference between Extenze and Extenze Plus is the ingredients presentations. When it was released initially, the pills were a blue coated capsule pack in four pieces. Research, however, found that it took too long for the body to absorb the nutrients, leading to slow action. The all new Extenze + sealed the improved contents in a gel capsule, which dissolves and is absorbed five times faster by the system than the original capsule.

The supplements are black and white gel capsule wrapped in a blister pack containing 15 capsules each. The jet black box contains four blister packs. The box has a blue strip in the middle and having white and red writings. The trade name is prominently blocked on top of the pack to elicit its raw vigor. You cannot miss the pack even when you have previously not seen it. The below are the Extenze Plus review which includes the benefits, ingredients, dosage, how it works and so on.

Benefits Of Extenze Plus Male Enhancement Pills

The reasons why men have continued consuming over two billion pieces of Extenze Plus pills is due to their desire to perfect the art of love making. Other want to augment their failing performance due to medical and other factors while some simply desire a tip top vitality. These are the main benefits accrued by using this product.

  • Safe Medical Alternative

Some erectile dysfunctions are complicated. The available therapies are also risky. Other recommended treatment for erectile dysfunction includes prescription drugs, surgical penile implant and vacuum pump. However, these solutions present dangerous side effects and are more expensive and risky to undertake. As such, Extenze + pills provides a cheap, safe, and effective solution.

  • All Natural Ingredient

The compounds making up the Extenze are made of natural extracts. These have been proven safe for consumption and are free of any Extenze side effects. The herbs and nutrients are abundantly available and have been clinically tested to evaluate their vitality.

  • Clinically Tested

Each compound and agents making up the ingredients of the Extenze Plus have been thoroughly researching on in term of efficacy, potency, side effects, and dosage. The company has an active R&D department continuously working on methods to improve this product. All the manufacturing processes are undertaken under stringent quality control meeting pharmaceutical specifications. Further, all feedbacks from users are assessed and new ingredients are scrutinized to facilitate the development of an even better product.

  • Guaranteed Results

This male nutritional supplement has been extensively tried, researched and tested for decades. Its potency has been confirmed to deliver the desired Extenze plus results.

  • Money Back Guarantee

When you order this product, you are assured of 60-day full refund of your money in case of any dissatisfaction. This provides the confidence knowing that in case it does not work for you, your money is returned.

  • Gifts

All purchases made of this male enhancement supplement on their official site attracts gifts and discounts. Bulk purchase of this product could reap huge savings of up to $130.

  • Medically Recommended

Professional sex therapists and other physicians have recommended this pill for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most medical fraternities corroborate its proven healing power as well as safety records. The supplement is now used in various medical ailments including diabetes, heart diseases, fatigue, stress, insomnia and anxiety.


  •  Bigger, harder more frequent erections
  •  Massively intense and electrifying orgasms
  •  Increased endurance for longer lasting sessions



Extenze Plus Supplement Ingredients

The main ingredients of Extenze Plus male enhancement pills are described below:

  • Folate (Folic Acid) 400mcg

Folic Acid is one of the Vitamin B9 substrates and is also called Folate. Folic acid is important for tissues development, cell replenishment and brain activity. It facilitates the disintegration of the amino acid type homocysteine which has potentially harmful effects when available in the blood stream in high concentration. High concentration of homocysteine leads to coronary heart disease and peripheral artery disease due to the blockade of this essential artery. Folic acid circumvents the deposits of homocysteine leading to a properly functioning heart and an increase in blood flow. Folic Acid also facilitates the division of cells and tissues increasing the cell quantities as well as the tissues mass.

  • Micronized DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

This is the main ingredient found in Extenze + supplements. It occurs naturally in wild yam and soy plants (as chemical diosgenin) which are then harnessed and processed as synthetic DHEA. It is also naturally produced by the human in the adrenal glands and from certain food, which during digestion form part of the cholesterol. The DHEA possess properties that lower inflammation of the organs. Further, it assists in improving the bone density and muscle mass by burning the toxic body fat leading to the creation of excess energy. It is also a remedy against depression, mood swing and cognitive decline. However, the most important reason why it is the core ingredient is due to its ability to increase the libido and cure the main symptoms of sexual dysfunctions. As such, this ingredient is responsible for the increased sexual endurance and stronger erection Extenze for men if famed for.

  • Korean Ginseng

The Korean Ginseng is a tuber possessing natural herbal properties.  When it is raw and dried it turns white in color but then becomes red when it is boiled then dried.  This tubular root extract increases metabolism which results in improved alertness and enhanced sexual arousal. The Korean Ginseng works by dilating the blood vessels (including those leading to the male organs), thereby mitigating the factors leading to a weak erection. It further, boosts energy, reduces stress and prompts body excitement. These properties are essential in stimulating the sexual organs. The constant stimulation leads to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is one of essential ingredients of Extenze Plus tablets.

  • Zinc (As Oxide) 25mg

Zinc oxide is known contains agents capable of remedying skin burns, preventing bacterial infection, anti-aging agents and for healing the damaged tissues. The Zinc oxide found in Extenze Plus male enlargement caps also play a role in increasing virility and attention.  Zinc is an essential treatment for diabetes and Prostate complications.

  • Pregnanolone

This steroidal hormone is one of the ingredients available in Extenze capsule. It is formed naturally by the body from cholesterol in the adrenal glands, liver testicles, ovaries and the retina. Pregnenolone is used as a remedy against fatigue by increasing the level of energy in the body. Further, it stimulates the cognitive side of the brain, helping reverse symptoms of memory loss disease, trauma and injuries. Further, it helps in the secretion of dopamine which guards against stress and improves your mood. It also contains agents which boost your immune levels and skin disorder such as psoriasis.

  • Muira Puama

Muira Puama extract is a bark from the plant Muira Puama, which is processed and incorporated as an ingredient in Extenze Plus male increasing pills. Its excellent properties increase the male virility and sexual desire. Its stimulating features also facilitates the elongation of the male organ through increase blood flow.

  • Ginger (root)

This root ingredient available in Extenze Plus caps plays a vital role in the enhancement of male organ function. Ginger contains gingerol, a medicinal agent known for its role in the prevention of colorectum cancer, heart disease and diabetes. More so, agents found in this root prevents infertility and erectile dysfunction in men. Gingerol also reduces muscle pains, thereby extending endurance. As a result, it improves the sexual arousal in the male organs as well as increase stamina during the intercourse.

  • Yohimb

Tree Bark Extract (600mg): This bark of Yohimbe tree is an important ingredient in Extenze Plus tablets. The evergreen tree dominant in Central and West Africa. Its bark contains active chemical (called alkaloid/yohimbine) which is an aphrodisiac. It treats the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and unwanted sexual side effects of prescription sex enhancement drugs.

  • Damiana Leaf

Damiana view leave (also known as the Old Woman Leaves) and Puncture vine leaves are also other ingredients packed in the VigRX Plus tablets (read more about the male enhancement capsule). The Damiana leaves is a strongly scented sweet smelling but bitter tasting leaves prominent in Southern US and Mexico. It is an aphrodisiac and has been reported to increase libido. Traditionally, the leaves were smoked and inhaled to extract their potency. However, currently, they are ground into a ball and which can then be integrated with other ingredients and swallowed as a tablet or boiled in water and drank as a tea. The Puncture vine leaves, on the other hand, trigger the hormones which secrete testosterones. The increased levels of testosterone play a major role in boosting sexual drive, increasing stamina and reducing impotence.

  • Indian Black Pepper

The seeds of the Indian black pepper are harnessed as Piperines. Piperine increases the absorption of the ingredients of the supplement of the enhancement capsule by the body organs. This process increases your body’s ability to sap the nutrients, therefore, deriving the maximum benefits from the potent ingredients. The Indian Black Pepper as an ingredient in Extenze Plus supplement, therefore, improves its potency.

  • Piper Longum

Also known as the Indian long pepper is also another ingredient in the Extenze Plus male improving pills. It contains chemical compounds called piperlongumine. This compound is used as a remedy against cancers including prostate, breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, leukaemia, brain and gastric. In the male enhancement capsule, it is used to stimulate the prostate and keep its health and in tip top condition so as to perform excellently.

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract (Fruits)

This extract is from the spine dressed fruit of the same name and is another ingredient found in Extenze Plus supplements. It possesses steroid properties, therefore, it is able to lessen the symptoms of angina (a localized pain in the shoulders, neck and chest resulting from insufficient supply of blood to the heart). The fruits also have properties used to treat some sexual problems such as low sperm count and infertility.

  • Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds contains an array of nutrients including magnesium, manganese, fiber, copper, zinc, protein and antioxidants. These work in eliminating the free radicals. These facilitate health hearts, immunity, help against inflammation, and enhances liver health and prostate conditions. Its high zinc contents guard against benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH or enlarged prostate).

  • Velvet Deer Antler

The velvet deer antler is an ingredient present in the Extenze Plus tablets. When dried and processed, it is mentioned to possess performance enhancement properties, which improves endurances and stamina during lovemaking.

  • Stinging Nettle (Root)

The roots of the Urtica Dioica or Nettle Leaf is another ingredient included in the Extenze Plus product. This slightly stinging plant contain serotonin, histamine and acetylcholine elements proven to relief allergy and beneficial to the skin, bone and urinary system. They treat BPH symptoms and when blending with Saw Palmetto, it targets the prostate cells and fights the hormones that propagate the growth of BPH and other urinary issues. Further, it can be used to treat bladder issues. Other benefits include joint pains, hay fever, urinary tract infections, and kidney.

  • Astrangalus (Root)

The legume roots is a great immune booster and disease prevention agent. The main parts are believed to lower the cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, fight cancer cells, control free radical, suppress immunodeficiency viruses and reduce inflammation. Its benefits to the heart and immunity improve the sex drive and stamina.

  • Licorice (root) Extract

Licorice is essential in enhances the secretion of adrenal hormones cortisol essential for fight stress, fight fatigue, beneficial to the liver, and reduces LDL cholesterol levels and unblocks the artery-clogging plaque deposits known to lead to heart conditions. These properties work by ensuring a power heart able to withstand the vigor required during the sexual activity.

  • Ho Shou Wo (Root)

Powerful and prevents against kidney malfunctions, detox, immune booster, cholesterol and blood pressure, reproductive tonic. It works by revitalizing the reproductive system, increase sexual virility and fertility. It aids in the secretion and balancing of the sex hormones making your system stay young and energized.

  • Boron (Chelate)

Boron is abundantly available in fruits such as oranges, apples, pears, plums, kiwis, and vegetables avocado, soybeans and nuts. Boron has been known to enhance and balances the secretion of the male sex hormones – testosterone. Further, it helps in building a stronger bone structure when taken with calcium. By ensuring a perfect cell membrane function trough the stabilization for the hormone receptions, boron ensures a proper functioning of the body system. As such, these overall benefits play a vital role in enhancing the overall sexual activity.

Other minor ingredient found in this product and which influences the sexual organs vitality and stamina include the aluminum lake, eleuthero coccus, xanthroparmelia, scarbrosa, GABA,  Silica, lecithin, Horny goat weed, stearic Acid, L-arginine hydrochloride, Titanium dioxide, dicalcium phosphate, dextrose monohydrate and microcrystalline cellulose.

How Does Extenze Plus Male Enlargement Tablets Work?

How long & fast does it take for Extenze to work? The extensive research was undertaken in this male enhancement supplement document how it functions. Here are some of the well-documented performance of the Extenze Plus male increasing pills. It works in a variety of ways to make deliver the superb Extenze pills results it is well known for.

  • Pro Hormone Enhancement

The active ingredients mentioned above work by stimulating the hormones responsible for the sexual activity. The brain signals the pituitary glands to secrete testosterone hormone which in turn instigates the production of semen. With increased semen product together with the excitement of the male reproductive organs, primes it for copulation. Some of the ingredients found in the Korean Red Ginseng, ginger, horny goat weed, Damiana, and Muiru Puema have aphrodisiac properties. These ingredients bolster the sex drive. Further, the sent out signals which increase the libido.  The zinc oxide and DHEA enhance the secretion of the androgen hormones which increases your desire for intimacy. Their ability to eliminate free radical boosts blood flow to your organs leading to an enlarged member.

  • Bio-enhancement Support

Other ingredients work in unison to improve the physical desire to have sex. The powerful agents in the Stinging Nettle, Astragalus roots, Licorice roots extracts and Ho Show Wo facilitates the secretion of testosterone, increases metabolism, enlarge the organ size, provides a higher energy and great stamina, thereby enhancing and prolonging the intimacy session. The eradication of free radical by GABA, Borons, pregnanolones, ginger and DHEA increase the sexual intimacy and thrusts, and due to a greater stamina and increased semen production, the organism is produced with a bang.

Male Performance Caps Dosage

Before initiating your intake of the Extenze Plus capsules regimen, you should discuss with your physician regarding your decision. Although it is may not appear so significant, the doctor may detect some preexisting conditions which may adversely affect you when you enrol for Extenze Plus dose. Consider all existing medical conditions well. As a rule, exercise caution when already on insulin, autoimmune medication and heart treatments.

The recommended dose clearly labelled on the pack is one gel capsule once a day. It is advised to swallow one capsule 30minutes to 45 minutes before having intercourse. Do note that some of you may experience rapid erection even before the lapse of this suggest time while other may have a slight delay, depending on your body. The supplement must be taken one to two hours after meals for maximum effect.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Despite the fact that this supplement is made from 100% natural ingredients, it is still a medication and as with all drugs, any overdose is likely to bring about negative results. Overdose may exhibit symptoms like stomach upset, increased body temperature, sweating, nausea, increased blood pressure and listlessness. As such, instead of enjoying your enhanced status, you will be suffering from negative effects.

When the supplement is consumed as instructed, the results may last about five to six good hours. The manufacturers understand that most of your enjoy drinking some alcohol when planning to have fun. Considering this fact, Extenze Plus male advanced formula does not diminish the anticipated results even when swallowed after drinking reasonable quantity of alcohol.

A pack contains 30 gel capsule adequate for one month. At a price of $39.95, it is considered a great value for money. Although manufactured in the US, it can be ordered online and delivered to all countries in the world.

Who Can Benefit From Taking Extenze Plus Pills?

The Extenze Plus men increasing pills has been consumed by millions of men eager to enhance their intimacy. The reasons for its use are as varied as the individual users. However, this male enhancement capsule has solved almost all issues related to male sexual performance and medical complications. The people who can benefit from the product include these categories.

  • Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculations happen when the semen release occurs immediately after the onset of sexual activity. An intimate evening can be spoilt instantly due to your inability to hold on a little longer. It is embarrassing as well as a blow to your ego. However, the ingredient in Extenze Plus enhancement capsule can reverse this scenario and delay the ultimate release, relieving the user of agony and stress.

  • Prostate Complications

Several complications affecting the male organs include Benign Prostatic hypoplasia (enlargement of the prostate), reduced urination, inability to completely empty the bladder, trickling of urine after urination and prostate cancer. The natural properties of Zinc oxide, DHEA and pumpkin seeds available in Extenze Plus have been found to arrest the advancement of these symptoms. Therefore, continuous use of this pill has the ability to mitigate against these ailments.

  • Low Libido

Low sex drive is characterized by the lack of interest in sexual activities. Even when the conditions are right for this activities, the body does not respond to the signals. This lead to frustrations. People experiencing low libido can take the Extenze enhancement pill to improve their libido. The Extenze capsule works by stimulating the correct psychological and physical organs to increase your libido.

  • Low Stamina

Reduced stamina makes simple tasks like jogging, walking, exercising and even having intimacy a daunting task. The ingredients in Extenze Plus stamina improvement pills works but burning glucose to generate instant energy. This together with its ability to dilate the veins and increase the blood works by increasing activity and sensitivity of the organs. More energy results in a higher leveI of stamina which makes strenuous exercises (including copulation) easy for the body. Further, it also opens up the coronary blood vessels leading to the pumping of more blood to all organs. This enhances the stamina.

  • Reduced Sperm Count

The active ingredient in Extenze Plus – Bororn and Stinging Nettle, have aphrodisiac properties which trigger the brain to initiate the secretion of testosterone. This hormone leads to the production of more semen, the expansion of the scrotum and the dilation of the sperm duct. The tissues along the duct are also made firm. During an intercourse, there occurs an upsurge of sperm quality and quantity. Further, the strong tissue ensures that the sperm is released in powerful ejaculations. Taking this enhancement capsule, therefore, improves the reduced sperm count.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction comes in many forms. It could be as a result of tension, poor blood circulation, lack of desire, etc. The active ingredients in Extenze Plus especially the Korean Ginseng, Muira Pauma, and Zinc oxide act to eliminate these underlying causes of erectile malfunctions.

However, people under the age of 18 are advised not to take this product. If you are currently under any medication, it is advisable to seek medical advice before starting on Extenze Plus. This is for diabetes, coronary heart conditions and prostate conditions. Though it is safe, coffee intake should be reduced.

Extenze Plus Male Enhancement Pills Before & After Results

Where To Buy The Extenze Plus Male Performance Supplements?

You will never run out of this supplement since it available in over 75,000 retail stores. The Extenze Plus male improvement caps are widely available in both the brick-and-mortar shops as well as online store. Popular outlets stocking this nutritional supplement include Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Online suppliers include the official Extenze websites and Ebay.

Caution must, however, be exercised when ordering the supplement. Most stores stock the old capsule formula. You must explicitly instruct them for the new gel formulation to procure the fast acting enhanced ingredients. Further, you may not reap the discount offered by the official site while buying this product from sources other than the official site.

Ordering can be done through a telephone call, email, or fax instructions. The supplements are paid for using all major cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Discovery. Further, repeat customers are entitled to discounts on each subsequent purchases made. All Extenze Plus ordered comes with a 60-day money back warranty.

From the site, the recommended price for a month’s supply of this supplement is $ 59.95.  Larger purchases guarantee greater discounts together with gifts such as perfumes, Male only exercise CDs and male enhancement literature as a bonus. Though this product is manufactured in the US only, it can be purchased by international customers online. Delivery is made to many countries outside the US after payment of freight cost.

The Final Verdict

The Extenze male enhancement capsule is a fast acting powerful supplement, manufactured by a well-established company. With all its active ingredients coming from safe natural herbs, Extenze plus pills has no side effects. Further juts a single dose daily delivers the punch required to achieve great sexual performance.

Its production and R&D records indicate highly valued product, eliciting 100% highly positive feedback. Although it sometimes has been abused by sportsman, it meets its main objectives. These objectives include eliminating the erectile dysfunction, and remedies to other medical conditions, such a Prostate cancer, erectile dysfunctions, and heart conditions. These results have been independently verified by reputable therapists. It is therefore not surprising that millions of satisfied men continue using it decades after its first release. Many customers have given the best Extenze Plus male enlargement pills reviews about their increasing stamina, increasing penis size as well as long lasting in bed.

Although Extenze safety records are widely acclaimed, there is still a small percentage of new users who report experiencing mild side effects such as headaches, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. These may be due to non-compliance with the instruction, especially eating well before taking the drug or having underlying medical conditions. However, these effects have been reported to fizzle out after a week.

Its wide network of outlets, flexible transaction gateways together with money back guarantees allow users from all over the world to benefit from this hugely successful male enhancement supplement.

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