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  •  Recommended by doctors
  •  Effect confirmed by studies
  •  100% natural ingredients
  •  No side effects
  •  Over 10 000 satisfied customers



What Is Probolan 50?

Probolan 50 is a testosterone booster developed by Dhamil Corp. a polish company, who claim that their product is just about to revolutionize the market. If you consider Probolan 50 as one of the many muscle building scam regime, you will probably not buy it. The online reviews have provided a very grim picture of the supplements market especially those used for muscle building and boosting strength. Though most of their claims have been substantied with concrete evidence, it represents only a section of the market, the unscrupulous one.

They are represented by players who do not even have any medical, sports science or pharmaceutical training, are taking advantage of desperate people who need to bulk up. Though some legit drugs are misused and hence lead to the detrimental side effects that have been observed, it is not always the case. To have a balanced knowledge, evaluating the genuine body building supplements reviews and experts’ opinions is vital to know what is what, from actual consumers of the product.

Probolan 50 like all other supplements, is a victim of such onslaught. Even though it does not deserve a five-star rating due to its relatively short span in the supplements market, from initial feedbacks and experiences, if it can sustain the positive vibes, then it is on its way to becoming a five-star product. 

Probolan 50 works by its unique formulae blend that are then prescribed in a dosage that is dependent on a couple of factors. That within the first 48 hours of consumption you will begin to notice the difference. If a blood test is done, free and total testosterone has increased two folds. The benefits as shown and elaborated upon include increased muscle development, increased energy levels and improved sexual performance among others. The below Probolan 50 review includes the benefits, ingredients, dosage, how to work & so om.

Benefits Of Probolan 50 Supplements - Muscle Building Supplement

A supplement in all its form is a non-prescription drug that is aimed to help your body pick up where it’s lacking to produce in certain sector. Critical among these sections of the body is the reproductive system. In both males and females, hormones that deal with sexual characteristics are produced throughout the life of a person. Characteristics of males such as body bulk and definition, increased energy levels, deepened voices, developed sexual organs and masculine behavior. That when testosterone levels as they are bound to reduce, this characteristics are affected.

When looking at a supplements ability to provide what you need, you need to have an almost 360 view of the whole spectrum. From the company’s ability to deliver on time, to deliver the product intact & as described and to produce the benefits intended. Though these benefits may not be similar in type, amount and even timeliness they should at least not translate to ailments to the body.

The following are some of the benefits you could expect from Probolan-50:

  • Pure & Natural

That the ingredients sourced are natural and though they use generic ones, they ensure that they are as close to the natural as possible. Purity is assured through their years of formulating other supplements so they ensure that the pill is contaminated affecting results.

  • Affordability

The price range that Probolan-50 supplements offers in contrast to all its benefits is a thing of wonder. They ensure that you really get your money’s worth. The product due to its formulation and availability can be availed to people that cut across different economic classes.

  • Instantaneous Results

The product provides results in the first 48 hours of it usage. That the formulation renders its self to help in testosterone development efficiently.

  • Energy Release

That Probolan 50 body building supplement can help you release energy levels that are unprecedented. That due to its formulation it helps you with your stamina and energy boost. That during your energy consuming training sessions, Probolan 50 helps you keep up.

  • Muscle Development

That you begin to bulk up almost immediately. That with proper dieting, rehydration and gym sessions the results in short while can outstand you.

  • Safety

That the delivery mechanism of testosterone is done in a manner to ensure that it doesn’t lead to detrimental side effects. By using natural ingredients and through oral consumption it ensures that you use the supplement easily and in a way that doesn’t affect your health.

  • Fat To Muscle

That for obese people or people with some unsightly fat pockets, Probolan-50 helps convert all of it to glycogen in days. But also this must be done in an environment that encompasses proper dieting, vigorous and well balanced exercising and proper rest cycles.

  • Sex & Sexual Maturity

Each person capacity to do well differs from person to person. As you grow older, gain more weight, become more stressed, are not properly rested to the capacity your sex drive and competency declines. Probolan-50 can help with this by increasing your stamina, drive and erectile function.

  • Other Benefits

May include regulating hormonal imbalance, taking care of hair loss, treating acne, taking care of gynecomastia and a plethora of other related problems.

When compared to its fellow competitors to undercuts them in the following aspects;

  • Most other supplements are filled with undesirable ingredients that deliver results and faster than the rest but results are short lived and they may have some very detrimental side effects. On the other hand Probolan 50 is pure and natural, benefits according to laboratory are long term with proper dieting and exercising and also no side effects have been documented as yet.
  • Most supplement developers also don’t offer appropriate price points. They over charge for very little product. They also charge you for delivery, shipping cost and don’t offer discounts. Probolan-50 on the other hand offers customer such satisfactory prices that are unmatched and can be attained by your average Joe.
  • Popularity of a product such Probolan-50 is especially depend on word of mouth and proper marketing in gyms, health shops and supplements store. The corporation has not failed their product on these regard. Other products market could care less since they haven it invested as much into their products.
  • Proper testing with data that supports its benefits defends ones drug or supplement form another. That without these data you can’t have a clear picture of the rugs efficacy and benefits and reparations in both the short term and long term. Probolan 50 has invested in the proper testing to ensure each batch is fully beneficial.


  •  Recommended by doctors
  •  Effect confirmed by studies
  •  100% natural ingredients
  •  No side effects
  •  Over 10 000 satisfied customers



Probolan 50 Ingredients - Testosterone Booster

Probolan 50 is described as a nutritional supplements that helps men to augment, support and define their muscles. It has been purposefully developed to help you develop bulk and to have that cherished masculine form. That as you continue with you dieting and proper exercising, Probolan-50 muscle gaining pills will help burn that fat away as well as distribute the glycogen reconstituted to the desired areas. That through testosterone functioning and activation, it can help you power up while increasing and redefining your muscle rejuvenation.

By ensuring that its formulation meets the following criterion helps guide any user even an alley cat get on the regiment and use it effectively. However, it always when taking on a drug even if it a supplement or booster to seek advice of a medical professional, pharmacist, chemist or sports doctor to help you understand what the product is. They can explain what each component is and how they work together and even their perceived ramification of their application to your body

  • Quality Certificate

That Dhamil Corporation, upon request can provide a certificate of quality accreditation from the FDA as well as European agency that regulate pharmaceutical agents. They can also provide you with a documentation of quality analysis of the particular pill from the batch from which it was fro.

  • Safety

That all the ingredients apart and together have been tested for their various toxicity and beneficial levels do as to guide dosage as well. That it’s very difficult to trust a product whose ingredient have side effects that are detrimental to health.

  • Side Effects

That even the simplest and easy to ignore side effect must be described and be noted on the packaging. Our bodies are different and react to different remedies differently. Ensuring that you protect your consumer should be key in guiding the formulation and marketing of boosters and supplements.

  • Extensive Research & Studies

Beyond in house studies and research, outsiders including government agencies and interested private organization should take to research on the supplement so as to advice on its different aspects.

With this important background knowledge you can have an insight into what is needed to be added into Probolan 50 to make it effective in its functioning.

The ingredients include;

  • Epihydroxetiolan- 17 Esters

This is the main agent that makes Probolan 50 what it is, information on it is very minimal since its proprietary of Dhamil and as their secret agent there not so keen to release information on how to extract it and metabolize it to create Probolan. Apparently, it function in tandem with other agents to enhance testosterone activity 400 times.

  • DHT Blocker

That before testosterone is converted into DHT - Dihydrotestostrone it should have been fully utilized. Since free testosterone in the blood stream can laed to other effects that are undesired the body has developed mechanisms to rid itself of it in a timely manner. Later, the components are reconstituted.

DHT in relatively large quantities leads to hair loss, acne, muscle cramps, fatigue, bone pain and vomiting.

  • Oestrogen Blocker

This acts to prevent estrogen from interfering with testosterone activity. The two hormone work against each other. By inhibiting the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin i.e. SHBG. It effectively blocks any estrogen from been released and utilized by the body.

  • Tribulus Terrestis

Also referred colloquially as the devils claw is vital in high testosterone levels. It’s highly present in most Asian remedies to help increase men potency. The naturally occurring ingredient is at the heart of most ancient remedies used to help in sexual activity and increased libido. It’s also a powerful and restorative anti-inflammatory agent.

  • Caffeine

Well known as central nervous system stimulant. That through its ability to help to block adenosine, it curtail its drowsiness effect. These is how caffeine keep people alert and focused. Caffeine is present is several beverages such as tea and coffee. In its pure and crystalline form it is generally classified as safe for use by the WHO. Hence Probolan-50 testosterone booster tablets depends on it to activate the stimulating aspects of the drugs so as to help it to work in tandem with the other concerned components.

However, it’s quite concerning that neither on the packaging or marketing promotional the company doesn’t describe the ingredients its use or take the time to explain how the work together. That caution should be taken, hopefully their certification are truly authentic since risk associated with taking a drug, enhancer, supplement or any pharmaceutical without knowing its components carries a level of risk.

How Does This Mass Gaining Supplement Work?

In some promotional material, Probolan-50 has been compared to Coca Cola and that is a poor analogy. Though both contains nearly high level of caffeine, Probolan can never be categorized as a recreational beverage. It is a high power supplement that increase testosterone levels as well as their activity in the body. That it affects the body in a myriad of ways that have not even yet to be fully analyzed.

That the supplement is scientifically engineered and developed to produce a purposeful objective. That their chemistry should work in rhythm with your own bodies biochemistry. That with any changes in the levels of Probolan that its effectiveness is hampered or heighted.

That Dhamil Corp. wants to help produce and deliver to their customers cleaner and well develop d testosterone supplements. This is all thanks to increased testosterone levels that facilitates increased respiration rates as well as the conversion fat to glycogen. To ensure that all the benefits of the supplements are truly accrued you should vigorously exercise and diet well to ensure its complete utilization by the body to produce testosterone.

A lot is still yet to be known about the full working and potency of Probolan 50. These has led to people to raise concerns that need answers. Question of; how does it help provide so much in such a short amount of time? Why is it prices so late? Why is only retailed from the makers website? What is the company doing to help consumer understand the full extent and magnitude of its components. A list of concerns have been raised as well pertaining the following health risks:

  1. Allergicinity - That you may trigger allergies in people because of refusing to disclose chemical compounds present. Hence when some take it and a component or a combination of components trigger an allergic reaction. Depending on the level of Allergicinity the component, the anaphylactic shock may be detrimental to heath.
  2. Chronic Illness - Certain components accumulate in the bodies cell especially in the liver, gut and kidneys. These may lead to the development of illness associated with the accumulation of these drugs in these cell without been metabolized.
  3. Carcinogenicity - Knowing what components you are exposed to, you can know if it’s carcinogenic or not.
  4. Toxicity - That above certain levels of supplementation may lead to an overdose and may lead to an episode. Developing and administering a cure depends on the components exposed to and dosage level. From abdominal cramping, to heightening heart rate, fever development, vomiting, urine with a distinct color and tinge when peeing, headaches, dehydration symptoms and others that reveal signs of poisoning. Care should be taken to only take supplements you’re sure of their ingredients.

Dosage of Probolan 50 - How To Use It

The dosage of any booster can only be prescribed by a property trained person. This leads to all the ruination of booster’s name. That if properly followed the ability of the booster to help you is very high. Probolan is guided by the following;

That depending on the cycle you are on, your dosage will be different as compared to someone with a 10 week cycle. It is recommended that for a month that during the first week only take I capsule daily, during the second week take two capsule, the third week take three capsule daily and during the fourth week take two capsule and fifth week take 1 capsule.

This pattern helps your body get accustomed to the booster without becoming dependent ion it to develop testosterone. That it’s only intended

With this knowledge then choosing and sticking to a given program is necessary to choose the right set for you from the following three;

  • Titanium

This is a 16 week cycle package with 3 packages and 3 extra packages. It’s the full package that guarantees that you see the full benefits of Probolan-50 i.e. the titanium effects. From massive muscle bulking that are strong and increased stamina. The price is $ 294 for all the 360 tablets.

  • Extreme

This is a 10 week cycle program. This includes 2 packages of Probolan 50 plus an extra one. That with this choice you choose to bulk up fast and build your body to the goals you desired. The price point of extreme results is $147 for all the 180 tablets.

  • Starter

This is a 5 week cycle that is recommended for beginners. It helps you see if the booster is really is for you, your bodies’ reaction to it. After you use it and are satisfied with the result you can buy either the extreme or titanium package. The starter contains only 1 package. You only pay $49 for the 60 tablets.

Probolan 50 Before & After Results

Who Can Benefit From Probolan 50?

Taking on Probolan 50, though carries some potential risk, also provide significant benefits. Probolan 50 can fully extend the strain your body can take. However, embarking on the supplementation prescription, you need to have the following details considered:

  • Weight

Your body weight determines the cycle length, number of pills will be defined by the amount of weight you have, and how much of it is available to be converted to glycogen to provide the necessary muscle bulk.

  • Age

Basically below 21 years is detrimental to your health, giving rise to interference with the body chemistry of teenagers and children that could lead to inappropriate growth and development especially in terms of their sexual characteristic and behavior.  However, above this year, the supplement is safe and effective.

  • Intentions

If your desire is hormone replacement, hormone booster or testosterone booster for energy and bulking up, this supplement is apt for you. It should be augmented with a workout regimen and dietary practice that ensure that the benefits will be carried and be sustained.

  • Health Status

You cannot use any testosterone booster, if you have cardiovascular issues, cancer or tumor occurrence, neurological disorder or endocrinal disorder. Certainly, the supplementation may aggravate the ailment.

Clients of Probolan 50 Include:

  • Athletes

Especially in training and beginners who are still bulking up muscle before they enter into serious competition. Since none of its components are regulated ore restricted its use is finding major popularity among runners and wrestlers. They find it flexible since when they test positive for ingredients o Probolan 50 they still pass to compete.

  • Body Builders & Weight Lifters

Different categories of body builders from those that do it recreationally to professional that actually need to bulk up and tone up for their work. Probolan-50 also helps with their endurance, preservance and helps diet better and more steadily.

  • Male Models

For years to develop the best toned body that gets hired to be used for campaigns and runway, model have been using testosterone booster to develop the perfect body for these purpose.

  • Male Actors

They also need to have well shaped a framed body in order to look good as they act and get filmed. Handsome and attractive actors sell more movies than lain looking actors.

  • Gym Enthusiasts

If you really enjoy the gym and everything that all those machines and exercise can offer, a good booster can help. Probolan 50 helps very many exercise better, with more endurance and. Also it helps them exercise wisely to develop the muscle they need to work on to really achieve their goals.

  • Trans Gender Segmente

Probolan 50 due to its low cost trans women transitioning to be men and testosterone replacement and take on Probolan 50 to help meet their need so that they can develop male characteristic and counter estrogen produced by their own bodies.

Where To Buy Probolan 50 Body Building Supplement?

The best and only way to buy Probolan is through the internet via the maker’s website. Though these method is very effective in helping them really sell a lot of product, it fails to help provide the touch that your local pharmacist gives.

The method is easy since;

  • Their website is easily accessible 24/7 and helps you understand about the booster, its usage, and the dosage requirements. The website also offers you to link to see Probolan 50 reviews by other consumers. The website also provides you with tips on how to better ensure that Probolan is best utilized to unleash its full potential and extent to helping you realize your objectives.
  • That it’s affordable with various payments option that include credit and debit cards, online money transfer and mobile transfer transaction. All these help you access and pay for your chosen package.
  • The customer service is excellent with immediate responses to your inquiries. Inquiries into matters such as quality assurance, ingredients, usage, buying or return policy.
  • 90 day money back guarantee with no question asked. If the product was in anyway faulty, the packaging was unsealed, product was expired or things related you can return the product for money immediately.

As discussed during dosage the packages include; titanium or the premium package, the extreme package and the starter package. All these have been developed to consider the users pocket, user’s health, user’s level of usage, other supplements that may have been used and finally users need.

The Final Verdict

Well Probolan-50 has a lot of questions that it needs to answer before anyone can blindly follow and use it. Though all testimonial concerning it have all been overwhelmingly positive, they have shown that it does indeed deliver results fast and effectively. That so far Probolan-50 has meet and even surpassed expectations. However, it is human nature to inquire into the unknown and seek answers were questions are validly asked.

Question 1: What is this miracle ingredient that is the result of all its miraculous properties? That validly we need some more science background of either the synthesize or extraction of Epihdroxetlia -17 esters. We need data substantiating that it’s indeed safe for use in the long term.

Question 2: We need to see the process that goes on in the development and formulation of the pill. That through copyright and patent protection rights they can be assured that their formulation well not be copied without their consent. His is to help us know what to make of their product.

Question 3: The side effects of the booster. Though none has been observed so far, we need to know if it may be a booster whose side effects are latent and only manifest later. We need to understand then how even mange them if they even occur.

Question 4: The levels of Probolan-50 that are safe for use by different age groups, by different weight categories, different body types and also need basis. This will help ensure that the right person really gets the right amount.

That at the end of the day, we may love it but the doubts cast an overwhelming shadow. The shadow will only reveal itself in time and hopefully for the sake of the thousand that have used it, it will be cast of pure light rather than darkness maliciousness. The Probolan 50 customers gave the best probolan 50 reviews about its muscle gaining & increasing strength.

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