Testogen Review - Best Testosterone Booster Pills

Looking for the Testogen Supplements? The male body produces two critical hormones; androgen and testosterone. What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a naturally produced anabolic steroid by the body’s endocrine system. It’s anabolic and virilising effects are at the heart of its functionality. After its biosynthesize by the body, it can be used by the body. Of critical importance is testosterone primary function in the male reproductivity. Also it’s critical in other functions of developing the masculine form you so critically desire. Even bone structure that helps in posture and stature is highly reliant on testosterone.

However, we are all different in our synthesis, metabolism and usage of testosterone. This helps us in the understanding why the male form and structure is so divergent. Critically, it important to understand that supplementation is recommended to help pick where the body can no longer produce naturally as you get older.


That studies have shown that after you peak in your late twenties, testosterone levels, start to decline. Though slowly at first, by your forties it picks up and by you sixties you definitely need supplementation. Been well versed with the biological as well as Pharmological characteristics behind testogen pills main ingredients will help a lot in guiding you to use the critical acclaimed booster. By boosting your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone, testogen supplements will help you on you path to be stronger and a more capable person.

Are testosterone boosters safe? Testogen is FDA approved for medicinal and supplementation, which is a valid piece of information to know and have. It contains naturally sourced ingredients that are strictly formulated in accordance with guidelines prescribed. This is all part of ensuring you are able to use it safely and easily. The below testogen review includes the benefits, ingredients, dosage, how to work & so on.

Benefits of Testogen Pills

Is it all just hype or does testogen pills really have something to offer? Well according to the chemical laboratory analysis, the long term medical testing to even the rave testogen reviews by customer we can have an insight into its benefits. The difference with most methodologies and supplementations in their work to help boost your muscle and strength lies with;

  • Their Abilities To Give You What You Really Want

Testogen products does this by helping you realize thresholds that you currently weren’t preview to. It also helps you engage better with better dieting, better excursing and better overall body image and realization. Its helps you unleash potential at home, work, at the gym or school due to improved physical and mental strength.

  • To Provide You What You Want In A Timely Manner

Testogen pills helps you realize its benefits within the first week of its use. Though minimal at first with better life choices the benefits begin to be better defined. After a while, these benefits become more permanent than temporary. All these is depends on your faithfulness to the dosage provided and your appreciation that of what testogen can do for you.

  • To Have Zero Side Effects & If Present Minimal And Manageable

That since you introducing a foreign composition your body, though the ingredients are all natural and well known by the body. The formulation however may lead to your body to react to it. All the testosterone pills side effects mentioned are all in the first week as the body gets accustomed and are all manageable with rest. When you become more accustomed to it, start eating better you start to realize the better side of testogen.

  • To Be Capable To Provide You With Long Term Enduring Results

At the end of the day, all the muscles accumulated, the energy restored and sexual drive enhanced can they really stay with you? Testogen booster pills should help you see all the work you have done be sustained and used in a better way. All these though will all be in vain if you don’t keep up with better life choices, deciding that your body deserves better so that it can better fulfill you.

Well testogen ticks all these boxes and others that users all over have stated. Testogen products is vital in availing the following key benefits to your body.

  • Growth

As you grow older, your body slowly and steadily stops growing and at one point stops all together. Testogen pills helps ensure that this is curtailed and that your muscles continue to grow.

  • Muscle Development & Definition

Alongside exercise and dietary practices you start to see your muscle shape up. After a couple of weeks of using testogen supplements as prescribed you see all the muscles bulking up with all the necessary curves and definitions.

  • Strength

As you grow older, you continue to weaken and ability to strain and carry out manual task is inhibited. With testogen pills, you arise and your strength is boosted significantly.

  • Energy

Vitality is key in helping you to even wake up. If that is gone you find yourself cumbered even with simplest of task. With testogen, this becomes a thing of the past. This is also critical to libido and stamina in men as well.

  • Focus

When at work you want to stay alert so that you can take on task and carry them out effectively. Well, testogen improves your alertness and sharpens your focus significantly.

  • Mental Strength

That beyond focus is the capability of testogen to help ensure that you have a well-balanced and fit brain. That testogen ingredients help clear toxins from your blood stream. By riding your body of such it helps prevent the hindrance of neural transmission and utilization.

  • Lower Body Fat

Testogen helps in increasing the body’s respiration rate significantly. By converting body fat into body muscle your body becomes more physically fit. This is also helpful in reducing the development & the chance of succumbing to cardiovascular diseases and obese associated illness. Diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary dieses as well as associated tumors and cancers. All these benefits are however in the long term and accrued over time. They also go hand in hand with better dietary practice i.e. eating right, exercising regularly, getting yourself physically and mentally active and been physiologically and psychologically fit.

  • Sexual Energy & Activity

Most men as they age suffer from lowered Libido and stamina. This a natural course of aging and can be easily be prevented by the use of testogen. By increasing testosterone levels your penile size is increased and better developed for better sexual encounter. Also your ability to be aroused and to stay in the moment is highly vitalized. Also of importance is improving sperm count especially to men whose is low. By improving sexual energy you are able to deliver better in bed.

What Are The Ingredients Present In Testogen?

At the core of its formulation is the understanding of how anabolic steroids are synthesized, recepted and metabolized by the body. Also key to its formulation is safety. That the hormone booster should not in any way, shape or form have effects to your health; physiologically or psychologically. Safety is so essentially that the formulation of each and every pill is thoroughly monitored. That each batch is tested chemically and physically to ensure that the formulation was attained and that the benefits will certainly be accrued. The ingredients used are also natural.

The Actual Ingredients Used

The eight vital ingredients that are combined together are done in a unique and approved manner to help you achieve your goals. Each ingredient has a role to play and at that is that they all function intermittently to help you perform maximally. The ingredients include;

  • D-Aspartic Acid

This is important in synthesize and utilization of amino acid that are used to develop hormone proteins. This leads to boosted testosterone hormones produced. As an amino acid building block it lends itself to other crucial protein functions as well. Its enzyme synthesis Aspartame Racemase present in the testes, pituitary and hypothalamus help in delivery of D aspartic for use in testosterone hormone synthesis. Due to the bodies waning age the levels may fall significantly and hence a boost is all the more essential.

  • Tribulus Terrestis

Also referred colloquially as the ‘devils claw’ is vital in high testosterone levels. It’s highly present in most Asian remedies to help increase men potency. The naturally occurring ingredient is at the heart of most ancient remedies used to help in sexual activity and increased libido. It’s also a powerful and restorative anti-inflammatory agent.

  • Ginseng Extract

It has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Its working in delivering heighted libido and stamina is almost legendary. Results from studies conducted have found it to deliver increased energy levels faster than even most synthesized energy boosting regiments. Most men use it as well to help develop better erection for more satisfying sexual experience.

  • Fenugreek

This is a seed herb that has wide use as food ingredient and natural remedy for various ailments. Of late, the Italian herb has found commercial use in development of drugs and medication for testosterone development. More than that its use to increase libido and stamina is also vital to its use. Its sexual enhancing properties are well known to the extent that most women of the Mediterranean region have used for centuries, adding it to their men’s food. Also it has anti-oxidants properties, anti-inflammatory properties, promotes bile production for reduced cholesterol levels, naturally reduces blood sugar levels, helps in digestion, reduces acid reflux, and helps in hair development and an overall weight loss herb.

  • Selenium

The trace mineral finds itself very useful in most essential amino acid composition. Its key function is it great antioxidant properties. That by getting rid of oxidation toxins, selenium helps increase enzyme and hormone activity significantly.

  • Zinc

The trace mineral is extremely important in diet. However, most dietary practice limits its bioavailability and hence frequently supplemented on. Its helps promote testosterone levels significantly. It also plays a key role in increasing sperm count. As a natural libido and stamina promoter as well as increasing sexual drive and motivation. It also helps in development of the prostate as well as protect it from cancer. That reduced or minimalized intake can explain reduced sexual drive in most men.

  • Vitamin D

Cholecaliciferol is widely known for its ability in testosterone use. Chief among why Vitamin D is such an important co-factor of testosterone is to reduce the chances of it been converted to estrogen which leads to development of female characteristics. As an important co enzyme in testosterone metabolism and synthesis it is made widely available to the testis and areas of high muscle development.

  • Vitamin B2, B5 & B6

Riboflavin, Niacin and folic acid are important coenzymes that helps in amino acid functions. And this I vital in the development of testosterone hormone. Also it has use as a booster to cellular respiration which in tandem leads to increased body energy and strength.

  • Formulation

All the 8 ingredients are combined together in a mannerism that ensures the following critical components are delivered upon. The formulation aims to attain safety for its consumer’s health above all else. That its potency per pill is as needed as well as the availability of each portion is well attained. That the testogen formulae ensures all the ingredients benefits can be accrued maximally and that finally it has minimal side effects to its user.

How Do Testosterone Pills Work?

Testogen contains various active ingredients in combination with testosterone supplements that work as test booster and assistance ingredients. The main and most vital of the ingredients are D-Aspartic Acid and Tribulus Terrestis. Fenugreek and Ginseng act as support components that aid the two main ingredients in their activity. This forms the basis of the working of testogen. That the various components will function to improve your energy levels, libido, stamina, muscle amount and definition, sexual drive, reduce cholesterol and body fat and also improve mental concentration & health.

Testogen active ingredients and remarkable formulation works to;

  • Physical Activities

According to research conducted by the makers and customer testogen reviews an approximation of ten folds can be developed for how much testogen impacts your physical capacity. This is in line with its ability to boost testosterone amounts in your body whose ripple effects include increasing muscle strength and amount and increasing respiratory rate. The ability to do so is associated to D-aspartic acid, vitamin B2 and Tribulus Terrestis.

  • Well-toned & More Muscles

That the masculine form can only be better developed by constant exercise and dietary practice. That is why men can lift five times the weight that women in the same age and weight bracket can lift. All these though starts with the growth of these muscles. That muscles cannot be developed if they aren’t sufficient. The various ingredients in testogen from D aspartic to Tribulus Terrestis to zinc and selenium help increase the levels of testosterone greatly. With this increase more proteins are delivered for muscle tissue development as well as fat is converted to glycogen the other basis of muscle tissue. From here one can begin the now relatively easier task of muscle development.

  • Sex

That testosterone is everything to sex. From libido to the ability of the penis to erect and stay erect to stamina or the drive that enhance sexual encounters. Testosterone is also important in sperm count as well. Hence supplementation to increase testosterone can only be a positive for sexual impact to you and your partner. That testogen especially Fenugreek, Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestis aphrodisiac powers only contribute to an enhanced sexual experience.

  • Mental Health

Mental health is mainly impacted by the increased amount of toxins in the blood, poor resting and sleeping patterns, discomforts in the body, unhealthy bodies and poor dietary practice. Since the use of testogen encompasses a radical shift in lifestyle, mental health becomes one of its key areas that it works on. From ridding your body of toxins through selenium and vitamin D antioxidant properties to helping you have a healthier, more comfortable body. A body that rests better and lives better. You are also able to focus more, concentrate better and even increase your mental aptness.

  • Body Fat & Blood Cholesterol

Due to prolonged exposure to poor dietary practice, lack of enough exercise and even sleep, body fats levels have been on the up and up. This is also the main reason why cholesterol is also very high. Testogen works to boost your body’s ability to take on fat and convert it to glycogen. It also works on fat to release the energy you need to take on task. One of the primary components of testogen is Fenugreek that researchers globally have come to understand its ability to help improve bile production and work on cholesterol massively. Also fenugreek is very good for bowel movement and these helps translate to more utilization of nutrients from foods and the discharge of waste an toxins that packed in foods today.

The Dosage - How To Take Testosterone Pills

One point that must be emphasized is that testogen should not be used by persons below the ages of 21 years. Below this age, the body is still developing and is still finding its rhythm. Supplementation of the testosterone level will have grave consequences in the future since the body will flood the young body with too much testosterone. Also immediate consequences could even include damage to the cardiovascular system and muscle tissue degeneration.

Also testogen is best when prescribed by; a licensed pharmacist, an endocrinal doctor, a practicing physician, a sports doctor and medically trained and well researched physical trainer. They will help take stock of who you are how much you weigh, your cardiovascular system performance, endocrine performance and other vital test. After that they will help you draw a road map to where you need to go. From the amount of weight you can gain, the amount of muscle you can develop, the stamina amount you can withstand and overall how much can your body withstand. From this view point then a dosage can be recommended.

In a day depending especially on your weight category you will need at least 1 to 4 pills a day. As your body starts to work and become better the dosage will increase. After a period of time, the dosage will be decreased after the objectives have been met. If by any case you relapse the pills can be re-administered or adjusted.

As you get older, your testosterone levels lowers with each day. That this is not the case for some men, the levels fall much faster. As man a testosterone is a part of who you are and you need it to survive. Hence supplementation is key for some men. Due to the proper formulation plus thorough testing testogen dosage works best as follows;

  • You do not need to shop around or work with any other supplement. Testogen more than packs enough.
  • That you don’t have to worry about Allergicinity, unauthentic ingredients. All ingredients are naturally sourced.
  • Through a carefully calculated and calibrated formulae the ingredients are blended together. They are done so in the right quantities and balance to ensure that in one dose you get what you need.
  • It works in such a superior why, that if dosage and other things are well followed the effects are almost immediate and beyond exemplary.

Testosterone Pills Before & After Results

Who Benefits From Taking Testogen - Natural Testosterone Booster?

The benefits accrued from testogen are many and varied. These benefits though some may cut across the board others may be specific to specific people due to their body make up and dosage requirements. The benefits also are in line with the health risk and side effect of testogen as well.

  • Below 18 Years

Young men below this age do not necessarily require testosterone boost because they produce enough as needed by their bodies. Adding to this amount may lead to higher amounts than normal and this may affect health in both the short and long terms.

  • Adult Males Above The Ages of 21

In most case young men at the ages of 21 to 30 use testogen to bulk up i.e. build muscle weight and helping in muscle definition. This age group is at higher rsik of overdose and should use the supplement cautiously and as prescribed.

Most male above the ages of 45 experiencing rapid testosterone decline also use it to help increase their physical energy, as part of physical exercise and diet regiment, to improve alertness and capacity to work.  Mostly, urologist will prescribe it to men experiencing impotence and sexual inabilities to help before more drastic measures are taken.

Studies have shown that due to various factors, testosterone levels may decrease more rapidly due to factors other than age. This study show that even young people are susceptible to declining testosterone levels due to the following;

  • Dietary practices which have involved increased amounts of processed components. Processed foods offer less nutrients and also affect their biosynthesis. Since testosterone is depend on a number of nutrients, a prolonged periods of deficiency of these nutrients could result in inadequate testosterone production.
  • The onset of fatherhood also affects testosterone production. Due to the arrival of a new member, the psychological stress associated with the infant results in altered body pattern, affecting the endocrine system, which is influenced by the emotional and behavioral patterns.
  • Some medical conditions, such as prostate cancer may affect the testes’ ability to produce enough testosterone. When the condition deteriorates further, the production of this hormone may cease altogether.
  • Certain medical procedures like undergoing vasectomy may, in part, affect testosterone production level, not because of the procedure itself; but due to psychological trauma involved in the procedure. Due to the impact that testosterone has on male health, its crucial that the prescription and use of testogen be regulated despite the need by people to take it without the doctors node. Common side effects due to the use of too much testogen are varied and include; dehydration, effects to the amount and concentration of urine, acne & break outs and as associated with many testosterone increasing supplement aggression due to hyper masculinity.
  • Special Cases : Testosterone supplementation can be used to treat male hypogonadism. This is a unique phenomenon where male sex organs and characteristics are hampered by low testosterone levels. It can also be suitable by transitioning women to men i.e. transgender people. Additionally, it is widely applied to aid in the treatment of special breast and ovarian cancers i.e. cancers accelerated by oestrogen production, by neutralizing the effects of powerful and invasive oestrogen.

  • Special Cases

Testosterone supplementation can be seen to be used to treat male hypogonadism a characteristic where male sex organs and characteristics are hampered by low testosterone levels. Used by transitioning women to men i.e. Tran’s people. And used to help in the treatment of special breast and ovarian cancers i.e. cancers accelerated by estrogen production.

Where To Buy Testogen - Testosterone Booster Pills?

At present testogen is available only online. This has two aspects to its, good and bad. Good in the sense that the makers can regulate what they provide for their consumers. That due to increased presence of counterfeit drugs especially weight loss regimes, diet pills, hormone replacements and supplements the maker is highly cautious. Also it makes it available to more consumers especially worldwide than if it were limited to few pharmacy in the US alone.

The online availability is also a control mechanism so that it is not accessible to underage users. However, online fraud may occur with the underage users misrepresenting themselves as adults to order the supplement.

Testogen is available as follows;

  • Package 1: Available for one month supply with 120 capsules at $54.95
  • Package 2: This is available for a two month supply at $119.95 with 360 capsules in total, if you but two of the package you get one free.
  • Package 3: This is a three month supply, where you buy three get one free for five months, plus a free testogen e book that helps you understand about testosterone, why you need supplementation and the right way to go about it. Available with 600 capsule at $179.95

The Final Verdict

Though Testogen has only been available for a couple of years, it has earned a top reputation as an effective supplement. Currently, it is one of the top three most sought after testosterone supplementation in the market place. Though it may exhibit some efficiencies, the pros definitely outweigh them.

Testosterone Boosters Pros & Cons


  • Affordability which is not a term lightly used in the supplementation health sphere.
  • Safe, effective and simple to use.
  • Results after use are in the first days are almost insignificant and become more prevalent in the preceding weeks.
  • The ingredients are all natural, FDA approved with no chemical additives or preservatives added to it.
  • Provides for a much more holistic benefits overall than just muscle building and improving your sex life.


  • Life style changes that may be uncomfortable must be done for you to see the true results of testogen.
  • Lack of enough data to determine long term health impacts.
  • Testogen is not available in health or supplements stores or pharmacies.

Though more scientific data is needed at present, what we see are a lot of good and positive things making Testogen fairly reliable. For men especially who have issues that they definitely know stem from reduced testosterone, they can give testogen a shot. You can restore your energy levels and stamina substantially and improve your life. By reading the above testogen review, you can easily buy one for you.

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