VigRX Plus Review - Best Male Enhancement Pills

VigRX Plus is a male performance-enhancing supplement tablets. It comprises of 100% natural extracts which are safe to use. It is specially formulated to stimulate your libido, enhance your drive and boost your sexual stamina.

Its manufacturing is undertaken in pharmaceutical facilities meeting the GMA and FDA standards of quality production processes, by the Leading Edge Health. It has been marketed since 2001, during which period, its performance and safety feature have been considered exceptional.

The VigRX Plus male enlargement pills can be procured without a prescription but can only be ordered by the male over eighteen years. The red oval tablets issued in blister packs containing 15 tablets are individually sealed to maintain their vitality and full potency. The blistera packs are contained in a white and red strips colored box. The pack has an outlined half profile of a physically fit man, with the tradename prominently written on it, so it would not be a problem identify the product. One pack containing 60 pills is an adequate dose for a single month. The below are the VigRX pills review which includes the benefits, ingredients, dosage, how it works and so on.

What Are The Benefits of VigRX Plus Pills?

Sexual dysfunction occurs due to numerous reasons. Age, hereditary issues, as well as certain medical conditions, lead to this situation. Although most start as temporary inconveniences, the convert into serious permanent conditions. Using this product has proved very beneficial in reversing such conditions and keeping your drive high. Below are the major gains from consuming the VigRX Plus tablets.

  • Long-lasting Erection

Erectile dysfunction is one of the main reasons for marital infidelity. Maintaining a strong erection is the key to achieving a satisfying intimacy. However, it is hard for most people to retain this state for more than a couple of minutes. The potent ingredients in VigRX Plus penis erection pills enable the organ to achieve a strong and long lasting erection. A survey conducted to understand how well the penis erection pills extend the erection found out that over 62% of volunteers who previously had difficulties initiating an erection succeeded in maintaining it throughout the copulation process.

  • Libido

Libido refers to an instinctive psychic urge emanating from a natural desire to have or engage in sexual activity. Libido is derived from both the physical and psychological environments. The natural ingredients found in VigRX Plus pills rekindles the mind to signal the organs to be ready for a sexual encounter. This increases the urge to engage in intimacy, as such leading to the eventual act.

  • Increased Sex Drive/Desire

How to last longer in bed naturally? Before engaging in a sexual activity, an excitement phase is normally registered. The ingredients in VigRX Plus supplements stimulates the body for such a desire. Further, during the intimacy session, the drive for a longer performance is enacted, making the encounter enticing and prolonged. A research was conducted to establish whether the supplement can increase sex drive. During this survey, 47% of volunteers who had problems with the desire to engage in a sexual activity responded that their sex drive improved dramatically after the use of this penis enlargement pill.

  • Increased Stamina

The VigRX Plus tablets increases the sexual stamina. This is achieved by the unique abilities of the ingredients in VigRX Plus capsules to dilate the blood veins leading to the sex organs and providing more energy and greater stamina. The strong stamina generated creates a stronger sexual intensity and excitement during copulation. Stamina also enhances the duration of the copulation without displacing the initial vigor.

  • Longer & Improved Performance

The duration of sexual encounter for an average man is about ten minutes. Since this is an intense physical exercise, the drive normally reduces as the minutes tick by. This period is normally doubled or even tripled, and the initial tempo sustained, thanks to the main ingredients availed in the VigRX Plus male enhancement supplement. In addition, the compounds make the member sustain a strong, deep, and intense thrust.

  • Bigger Organ

The constant blood being directed to the organs coupled with higher energy levels in the blood stream leads to the development of a greater tissue density in the male phallus. This leads to an increase in the length and girth of the male organ, as reported by regular users of this product.

How important is penis size? The increased size results in better penetration as well as a more rewarding performance and satisfaction.  A study undertaken found that 59% of the user who experienced difficulties with penetration prior to the uptake of this enhancement pill registered made thrust penetration after using the capsule.

  • Better Orgasm

Orgasm is the ultimate reward for the copulation. An intense orgasm is a highly treasured episode of sexual activity. People go a long way to have this feeling (even faking it) to please their partners. However, when it occurs naturally, the feeling is greater and stronger. The female ejaculation process is slower and takes longer. Due to the presence of the properine ingredient, the duration of intimacy is increased leading to simultaneous orgasm in both partners. Further increase testosterone include the sperm production filling the scrotum. The increased blood makes the spats from the sperm duct more powerful resulting in an enormous come. The quality of copulation is enhanced and for couples intending to conceive, this is a sure method of hitting the target. Another survey conducted on volunteers with orgasms issues recorded a 22% improvement in attaining a frequent and quality organism.

  • Sexual Confidence

This confidence is earned through repeated excellent sexual encounters. However, this is not possible through your life. There are instances where performance is below par. However, with the intake of this product, an improvement in the sexual performance, engorged member, and increased virility leads to the achievement of a sexual confidence so desired by many. The feeling that you are able to constantly reach high peak performance gives you the confidence to rekindle your love life. In a survey done to assess the level of confidence this product gives its users, it was found out that 61% of the volunteers stated that their overall sexual satisfaction and confidence greatly improved.

List of Ingredients

The main ingredients of VigRX Plus male enlargement pills are described below:

  • Asian Red Ginseng

The Asian Red Ginseng is a tuber possessing natural herbal properties.  When it is raw and dried it turns white in color but then becomes red when it is boiled then dried. Asian Red Ginseng increases metabolism which results in increased alertness and improvement in the sexual arousal. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain a strong erection. The Asian Red Ginseng works by dilating the blood vessels (including those leading to the male organs). It further, boosts energy, reduces stress and prompts body excitement. These properties are essential in stimulating the sexual organs. The constant stimulation leads to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is one of the mots essential ingredient of VigRX.

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract

Epimedium oil which is derived from epimedium primedium gradiflorum plant leaves is another ingredient found in VigRX Plus Pills. The extract is useful in kidney, liver and male reproductive organs. VigRX oil works by triggering the higher production of the androgen hormones. This hormone contain antioxidant and helps in the dilation of the blood veins increasing the blood flow to the male organs. The increased flow results in the engorged member.

  • Hawthorn Extract

Another ingredient found in this product is the Hawthorn extract which is processed from the Hawthorn Berry, commonly found in Florida. Traditionally, it was applied to treat urologic and prostate by Native Americans. Due to its medicinal properties, it has been widely researched in as a treatment of Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Hyperplasia (BHP). It enhances the production of testosterone. The level of testosterone directly impacts on the level of sperm male production. As such, this ingredient in VigRX Plus tablets are responsible for the increased sperm count during an intercourse.

  • Catuaba Biliba

Catuaba tree is commonly found in Brazil. The bark of Catuaba tree is revered for its healing features and is used as one of the ingredient in the best male performance pills. It possesses strong aphrodisiac properties. The bark works by dilating the blood vessels to increase the blood flow to the vital organs and the central nervous system. This flow increases sensitivity and activity. Further, the enlarged blood streams encourage metabolism resulting in high energy levels and the stimulation of the male reproductive organs.

  • Muira Puama

Muira Puama extract is also a bark from the plant Muira Puama. The bark has been used as a stimulant for centuries. Its excellent properties make it an essential ingredient of the VigRX Plus supplement. Its properties increased male virility and sexual desire. It stimulating features also encourages organ elongates the male organ.

  • Saw Palmetto Berry

This berry has aphrodisiac properties which are carefully harnessed and included as an ingredient in VigRX Plus. It is useful for the prostate treatment and significantly reduced the need for prostate surgery. Additionally, it enhances the sexual arousal in the male organs as well as the potency in sexual drive.

  • Damiana & Puncture Vines

Damiana view leave (also known as the Old Woman Leaves) and Puncture vine leaves are also other ingredients packed in the VigRX Plus tablets. The Damiana leaves is a strongly scented sweet smelling but bitter tasting leaves prominent in Southern US and Mexico. It is an aphrodisiac and has been reported to increase libido. Traditionally, the leaves were smoked and inhaled to extract their potency. However, currently, they are ground into a ball and which can then be integrated with other ingredients and swallowed as a tablet or boiled in water and drank as a tea. The Puncture vine leaves, on the other hand, trigger the hormones which secrete testosterones. The increased levels of testosterone play a major role in boosting sexual drive, increasing stamina and reducing impotence.

  • Bioperine

Bioperine is derived from the Indian black pepper fruits and extracted as a Piperine. Piperine increases te absorption of the ingredients of the supplement of the nutritional supplement by the body organs. This process enhances the body’s ability to exhaustively absorb the nutrients, therefore, deriving the maximum benefits from the potent ingredients. A study by the manufacturers of Bioperine (known as Sabinsa), reported that the fat and water soluble Vitamin B and Selenium are efficiently absorbed into the blood stream leading to minimum loss through excretion. Biopine as an ingredient in VigRX Plus supplement, therefore, increase its efficacy.

How Do VigRX Plus Tablets Work?

The well-documented performance of the VigRX Plus Male Enlargement Capsules. VigRX male enhancement pills that works permanently in a variety of ways to make deliver the superb results it is well known for.

  • Brain Calibration

The active ingredients mentioned above work by stimulating the hormones responsible for the sexual activity. The brain signals the pituitary glands to secret testosterone hormone which in turn instigates the production of semen. With increased semen product together with the excitement of the male reproductive organs, primes it for copulation.

  • Heartbeat

The ingredients in the VigRX Plus caps makes the blood vessels to dilate. The dilated stream increase the capacity of blood that can be transported. The higher blood flow is also rewarded with more energy which is produced. This has the effect of stabilizing the heartbeat and increasing the stamina levels. The increased stamina allows the body to perform well during intercourse.

  • Aphrodisiacs

Some of the ingredients found in the Asian Red Ginseng, Catuaba Biliba and Muiru Puema have aphrodisiac properties. These ingredients bolster the sex drive. Further, the sent out signals which increases the libido. The ingredients of Damiana and Puncturevines derive aphrodisiacs properties to boost your desire for sex. The epimedium leaf extracts enhance the secretion of the androgen hormones which increases your desire for intimacy. Its antioxidizing features boosts blood flow to your organs leading to an enlarged member. A research done on some of these ingredients concluded that after eight weeks, over 70% of the volunteers given a portion of the Asian Red Ginseng registered an marked increase in their sexual libido.

  • Stamina

Other ingredients work in unison to dilate blood vessels, increase metabolism, enhance energy levels, improves feel good mood and reduces stress. All these, coupled with the added stamina reignites the intimacy mood. The copulation duration and quality are significantly improved.

  • Orgasm

These factors lead to an intimate session. The session is made more enticing with bigger more powerful thrusts, owing to greater stamina and improved heart rate. The intense session is rewarded by a long lasting big O at the end of it all and a promise to repeat the action over again.

The above are the benefits of a stand-alone supplement application. In order to get better and more permanent male enhancement & enlargement pills results, it is recommended that you continue taking the supplement for over four months and include daily simple exercises to completely elongate the size of your member and have a permanent strong erectile function. Using either physical enhancement exercises such as Jelqing, wet/dry milking and well as kegel or mechanical male enlargement techniques such as the water based  vacuum pump (like Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme) and extender devices (like Phallosan Forte) make the member permanent strong for exceptional performance.

The Supplement Dosage

The male enhancement supplement can be procured through its dedicated websites.

Before starting on VigRX, you should discuss with your physician regarding your decision. Although it is may not appear so significant, the doctor may detect some preexisting conditions which may adversely affect you when you enroll for VigRX Plus. Consider all existing medical conditions well. As a rule, exercise caution when already on blood thinning medications, using insulin and have heart conditions.

The recommended dose of VigRX is two tablets daily. It is advised to take one tablet and another after an interval of nine to 12 hours. The last one should be consumed about one hour before engaging in sexual activity. Set a daily routine for taking the pills to get maximum impact.

Do not take more than two capsules a day. Even though it is made from 100% natural ingredients, VigRX Plus is still a medication. Any overdose is likely to produce adverse effects. Overdose may exhibit symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness. As such, instead of enjoying your enhanced status, you will be suffering negative effects. Further, the excess dosage will just be excreted, meaning you will simply be throwing money down the drain. Like any other medication, it takes time for required benefits to be registered. It generally takes about one week before changes in performance are noticed. However, there are users who experience changes within only a couple of days while others derive these benefits after a couple of weeks.

A pack contains 60 pills in four blister packs. This is enough for a month’s usage and costs US$70, however, sometimes you get discounts to purchase it at $66. The more order made, the greater the discount. Ordering a 3-month of 180 capsules costs you US$ 205.99 leading to savings of $63.98. If you purchase a 6-months dosage, you will pay only $ 384.99 instead of $ 539.94 saving you $ 154.98. The real deal is on a 12-month dose order. You will save a whopping $589.89 from the recommended price of $1,070.88 by paying $489.99 only. Further, you are entitled to free shipment in the US.  However, orders and delivery are available all over the world except to Afghanistan, Argentina, Cuba, Estonia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Myanmar, New Zealand, North Korea, South Africa, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Venezuela.

VigRX Plus Before & After Results

Who Can Benefit From Taking VigRX Plus Capsule?

The VigRX Plus has been experimented on and used by over half a billion males. The reasons for its use are as varied as the individual users. However, this male performance capsule has solved almost all issues related to male improving sexual performance and medical complications. The people can benefit from the product include these categories.

  • Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is every man’s dreaded nightmare. Premature ejaculations happen when the semen release occurs immediately after the onset of sexual activity. An intimate evening can be spoilt instantly due to your inability to hold on a little longer. It is embarrassing as well as a blow to your ego. However, the ingredient in VigRX Plus enhancement capsule can reverse this scenario and delay the ultimate release, relieving agony and stress to the user.

  • Prostate Complications

Several complications affecting the male organs include Benign Prostatic hypoplasia (enlargement of the prostate), reduced urination, inability to completely empty the bladder, trickling of urine after urination and prostate cancer. The natural properties of Hawthorn Berry ingredient present in VigRX Plus male performance tablets have been found to retard the progression of these symptoms. Therefore, continuous use of this pill has the ability to mitigate against these ailments.

  • Night Urination

This syndrome is caused by the PC muscles to hold the bladder. The urine, therefore, can trickle without conscient control and mostly occur during your sleep. The ingredients in VigRX have the ability to strength the muscles and control urination. The same muscles which control this action are the ones which control the male ejaculation. So, by using VigRX to treat premature ejaculation, patients with this urination complications also treat this embarrassing situation.

  • Low Libido

Low sex drive is characterized by the lack of interest in sexual activities. Even when the conditions are right for this activities, the body does not respond to the signals. This lead to frustrations. People experiencing low libido can take the enhancement pill to improve their libido. The VigRX capsule works by stimulating the correct psychological and physical organs to increase your libido.

  • Low Stamina

Reduced stamina makes simple tasks like jogging, walking, exercising and even having intimacy a daunting task. The ingredients in VigRX Plus works but burning glucose to generate instant energy. This together with its ability to dilate the veins and increase the blood works by increasing activity and sensitivity of the organs. More energy results in greater leveIs of stamina which makes strenuous exercises (including copulation) easy for the body. Further, it also opens up the coronary blood vessels leading to the pumping of more blood to all organs. This enhances the stamina.

  • Reduced Sperm Count

The active ingredient in VigRX - Hawthorne Berry, has aphrodisiac properties which trigger the brain to initiate the secretion of testosterone. This hormone leads to the production of more semen, the expansion of the scrotum and the dilation of the sperm duct. The tissues along the duct are also made firm. During an intercourse, there occurs an upsurge of sperm quality and quantity. Further, the strong tissue ensures that the sperm is released in powerful ejaculations. Taking this enhancement capsule, therefore, improves the reduced sperm count.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction comes in many forms. It could be as a result of tension, poor blood circulation, lack of desire, etc. The active ingredients in VigRX Plus especillay the Asian Red Ginseng, Muira Paema, and Catuaba Biliba act to eliminate these underlying causes of erectile malfunctions.

  • Heart Conditions

Patients with hypertension and high blood pressure are susceptible to heart attacks. The ingredients found VigRX Plus eliminate the possibility of coronary vein blockage by dilating these veins and arteries traversing the heart, resulting in the injection of more blood. Further, the fast acting ingredients allow faster metabolism and availability of energy to pump blood through. The heightened pumping of blood carrying antioxidant nutrients allows for the scrapping of toxins and fats deposited along the vein linings. As such, these play a role in preventing the onset of the weak heart condition. VigRX Plus enhancement supplement can, therefore, be complimented with the mitigation against heart diseases.

However, people under the age of 18 are advised not to take this product. The group of people who are advised to seek medical advice before enrolling for VigRX Plus dose medication include people previously or under medications for the blood thinning therapy, taking insulin medications, receiving autoimmunity therapy and undergoing prostate cancer treatment. Even for the normal user, it is advised that you reduce your caffeine intake once you start taking this pill.

It should be noted that a small percentage of new users are likely to experience mild side effects like a headache, dizziness, and nausea. These effects normally dissipate after a week or so. In case you experience such symptoms and they grow in severity or refuse to end after a week, you should consult a medical practitioner.

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Where To Buy VigRX Plus Online?

The VigRX is sold out of a dedicated website. This makes it the only official source of this supplement. Other outlets include VigRX Plus GNC who have been subcontracted to market the product. However, the site will still direct you to the official VigRX Plus site for all orders.

Order for this supplement can be made via telephone call, email, and fax instructions. The supplements can be purchased using all major cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, and PayPal. Further, repeat customers are entitled to discounts on each subsequent purchases made. All VigRX Plus tablets ordered comes with a 45-day money back warranty.

From the site, the recommended VigRX plus price for a month’s supply of this supplement is $ 70.  Larger purchases guarantee greater discounts together with gifts such as perfumes, Male Only exercise CDs and male enhancement literature as a bonus. Thus product is only manufactured in the US. International purchases are allowed and delivery is made freely in many countries outside the US.

The Final Verdict

The VigRX Plus male enhancement capsule is a highly potent male enlargement pill. Made from natural ingredients with no VigRX plus male enhancement pills side effects, its performance has received 99% positive reviews. With over 500,000 males using this capsule for over a decade, the records speak for itself.

The VigRX manufacturing and distribution are strictly controlled to guard against counterfeits. It’s pricing for the benefits it offers is a great value for money. In some of the extensive and exhaustive independent assessment of potential performance and possible adverse effects of this product, a large (71%) number of volunteers who previously had a poor intercourse satisfaction, recorded an improved sexual satisfaction. The users gave the VigRX Plus male enhancement pills reviews which includes only positive results about enlargement of penis size, increasing stamina, improved sexual performance, last longer in bed and so on!

Not only does this product enhance sexual prowess, it is a preferred medical alternative to people suffering from Prostate cancer, erectile dysfunctions, and heart conditions. Although some new users experience minor side effects, these have been recorded to be short term transitioning effects.

Its excellent delivery also provides additional cascading effects such like alleviating stress, improving mood, promoting confidence and wholesome motivation. So whatever the reasons for your preference of this product, all you expect are excellent and safe vigrx plus male enhancement pills results.

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