5 ‘Health’ Foods You Should Never Eat

One of the most popular misconceptions among individuals is the benefit of health foods. My health foods of a lot of benefits it is important to understand that some health foods are not really healthy. A large number of people consume these foods without being aware of the adverse effects of unhealthy food. Here is a list of 5 health foods that should never be consumed.

Meat From Farms That Function Like Factories

Meat From Farms

Due to the increasing demand for poultry and meat products, a large number of farms function like factories. Effectively this means that the cattle and poultry are injected with hormones and given feed that is loaded with fertilizers and other harmful chemicals. These fertilizers and chemicals when consumed as part of a diet wreak havoc on health. Meat and poultry should typically be sourced from farms that rely on grass feed and organic feed.

Bleached And  Fortified Table Salt

Bleached And  Fortified Table Salt

Many consumers unknowingly utilise table salt for all cooking requirements. Behind the pure white and smooth flowing table salt are manufacturing techniques that most individuals are unaware. The salt harvesting process strips the salt of all its natural minerals and it is then later heated at very high temperatures for drying. Salt contains naturally occurring iodine, but due to the manufacturing process, this iodine is lost. Manufacturers then fortify the salt with potassium iodide, following which the salt undergoes a bleaching process. All of this combines to make table salt a very unhealthy ingredient.

Milk With Low Fat Content

Milk With Low Fat

Many health conscious individuals often pick milk with low fat content to be a part of their healthy diet. However research suggests that full fat milk is a far better option. Some of the reasons attributed are the fact that full fat milk leaves a person feeling more full, thereby cutting down on binge eating and snacks. Additionally some of the low fat milk products are loaded with sugar, and this increases the chances of remaining unhealthy.

Hyped Variations Of Coffee

Hyped Variations Of Coffee

The search for health conscious drinks often ends up leading individuals to drinks that are unhealthy. And this includes the popular and hyped variations of coffee drinks. While regular black coffee has a lot of health benefits, the same cannot be said about the fancy versions of coffee drinks that add to the sugar levels. Additionally, users are exposed to the risk of non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Meat Prepared In High Heat As Per Cuisine Requirements

Meat Prepared In High Heat

While it is true that everyone loves to pamper their taste buds, it is also important to ensure that the cooking process is carried out with great care to ensure that the prepared food does not result in health complications. It would certainly help to ensure that cooking relies on products that do not cause health issues after preparation. One of the most practical ways to achieve this is to rely on thin, sugar free and vinegar based marinades. It is important to note that overcooked meat can become a health hazard. There are many meat products which includes the steroids, as they give more benefit to our body and health.