Best alkaline water machine reviews & Water ionizer guide

The world is presently grappling with the problem of lack of purified water for drinking. While bottled water is available for consumption, there is the cost factor, and the possibility of substandard quality of water from different suppliers. This makes it necessary to invest in an alkaline water machinethat would give a steady supply of ionized water with the right ph balance. After you have made the decision to opt for the best alkaline watermachine, you will have to contend with the all important question of choosing the right brand. Here is a review of the best brands available in the market.

The 5 best alkaline water machine brands

After looking at various criteria, we chose these 5 products as the test winners. Each one of them has different strength and weaknesses, but they all are highly recommended by the team of Steroidsmag:

Chanson water


This brand is one of the more renowned alkaline water brandswith a reputation spanning almost four decades. The product come with superior build quality, and the right number of plates inside the unit for superior electrolysis. The cleaning cycle and strong ph and acid waters make this one of the best products available in the market the taste of the water that comes out of the outlet after the electrolysis, the flow rates and the alkalinity levels offer true value for money. The ionized water machine also comes with a pre filtration system, which ensures that there would be no build up of scales inside the unit. This is necessary because different areas will have different types of water sources. Hard water sources will result in scale build up inside the ionizer unit, and this will impact the actual performance of the machine over a period of time.


One of the important factors that need to be considered while going in alkaline water brands is the ph level of the water output. The ph scale refers to how alkaline or acidic the water is – ranging from 1 which is very acidic to 14 which is very alkaline. The featured machine has the ability to offer a huge range of ph which makes it suitable for use as per requirement. Different ph levels of water can be used for different requirements and it is always best to have a machine that has a wide ph range to meet all requirements.


  • The high flow rate of chanson alkaline water dispenseroffers a great deal of convenience to users.
  • The machine can be purchased either as a full kit or as specific components to meet exact requirements.
  • Adjustable ph levels offer greater flexibility to users
  • Superior build quality and pre filtration systems are a bonus in this model
  • Apart from the price factor, there is nothing to adversely affect the review of this product by way of performance, or warranty or service.



Another one of the most reputed brands in the ionization machine industry, Tyent USA manufacturers a wide range of alkaline water dispenser. What are the standard features of this brand is the fact that it is the only machine that offers all natural alkaline hydrogen water. This is a huge difference from most of the water ionization machines which can either make hydrogen water or alkaline water. This ionized water machineoffers both together.  It is certainly one of the better products in the market by virtue of its high flow rate, appealing looks, and superior performance. The performance has been enabled mainly by the number of plates used for the electrolysis. Models come with either 9 or 11 plates, which gives it a good range of ph levels.


Similar to the other models featured in this list, this comes with an adjustable ph level setting, complete with 99 presets and eight settings, which makes it easy for a user to choose the most suitable level depending on the output desired and the source of the water. The wide range of ph levels is a plus point, as it offers the users the choice of adjusting the ph levels and using the water for different purposes as required.


  • The preset option makes it easy for a user to choose a setting
  • The wide range of ph levels give uses greater flexibility in choosing the desired levels
  • The number of plates ensure that the electrolysis offers ionized water with strong ph levels
  • Slightly on the highest side when it comes to pricing,  this could put it at a disadvantage
  • Available as a complete option, which takes away an advantage

Platinum alkaline water ionizer machine


Bawell, the reputed manufacturer of this alkaline water purifier machinehas to its credit a number of innovative design and performance features that combined with the low price point to make this a winning model. As mentioned earlier most of the models featured on this list have adjustable ph level options, and this model also offers flexibility to the user in adjusting the ph levels. One of the advantages that works in its favor is its low price level which gives it a head start over all the other products. And it has been designed in such a manner so as to permit easy installation by users without the need for extensive plumbing or a specialist to carry out the installation. The ionizer can be easily installed underneath the sink


In addition to the standard ph level adjustable range, this machine also comes with the option of adjusting the acidity levels. Most machines offer only one of those two options whereas this machine comes with both of the options. As most of you would be aware the ph levels start from 1 and go up to 14, which 7 being the middle ground of balanced ph levels. However ph levels may vary as per requirement and this model offers a good range between 2 to 12 of ph levels which makes it meet all requirements easily.


  • One of the most easiest to install
  • Offers adjustable ph and acidity levels which is not available in most of the other systems
  • One of the most affordable models among the list
  • The number of plates are relatively less when compared with other models
  • The floor it could have been increased to offer an even better experience

Air water life aqua-ionizer deluxe 7.0


This is one alkaline water purifier machinethat can give the previous model a run for its money, being one among the more cheaper priced options. More of a basic model with just the right kind of features to meet most requirements, this offers replacement of parts with trouble free run for one full year, with very active self cleaning option that dispenses with the need for maintenance.


The different options for adjusting the ph levels are very innovative in this model. Various purification options and settings make it easier for users to choose the right kind of ph levels and output of water required. With settings that permit users to change the ph levels from 4.5 to 11, it is possible for users to quickly get the desired output.


  • One among the more cheaply priced options available on the list
  • Simple settings offer greater convenience for adjusting ph levels
  • Trouble free run for one full year with self cleaning options
  • The lesser number of plates may reduce its power of electrolysis over a period of time

Newcell water ionizer and alkaline water


Yet another competitor in the low priced segment of high performance ionization machines, new cell water ionizer offers all the features that a necessary in a compact and tabletop version. This product meets water purification requirements at high speed without the need for any complicated plumbing or installation. It has an efficient ionizer unit that delivers high flow rate of ph balanced water that meets all requirements easily. The filter offers trouble-free service up till 3000 liters, which makes this a very reasonably priced replacement.


Variable ph level outputs are possible with this model that comes with an LCD screen for adjusting ph levels between 4 and 10. Additionally, the ORP levels can also be adjusted from + 670 to minus 420. The compact unit offers a good and arrange to meet all requirements in a home, in a reasonably priced model.


  • Compact size
  • Reasonably priced
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • The lesser number of plates while meeting requirements, offer lesser effect than models with more number of plates.

What exactly are alkaline water machines?

An alkaline water machine is a home appliance that raises the ph levels of water by a process of electrolysis. This process segregate the water in the appliance into acidic and alkaline components. After the process of electrolysis, the treated water also known as alkaline water is used for consumption offering multiple health benefits. The process of ionization involves the gain or loss of an electron.  These water machines adjust the ph levels higher or lower turning water into ice or alkaline or acidic water. Water that is loaded with hydroxyl ions and antioxidants is known as alkaline water which is ideal for consumption and cooking. The process of ionization is achieved by running the water through positive and negative electrodes, following which the water is segregated into both the different categories by passing them through membranes.

How do alkaline water machines work?

A typical alkaline water machine is an appliance that is connected to a water supply source which carries out electrolysis of the water source before it can be used for drinking or cooking purposes. The machine has a special attachment which directs the water into the ionized water unit, where the water will be first filtered following which it will pass through electrolysis chamber for electrolysis of the water. The filtration is achieved through activated charcoal. The process of electrolysis results in what is called as reduce water, which actually causes the water to receive more electrons while the h2o molecules are reduced in size.  This gives the water the right ph balance making it suitable for drinking and cooking purposes.  The ph balanced water is then redirected through faucet while the wastewater is flushed out through a separate line into the sink.

What benefits do users have by using the best brands of alkaline water machines ?

Alkaline water machines ionize and supply water with the right ph levels. This helps users to experience better digestion and healthy metabolic rates. Some of the other benefits include detox effects, reduction of acidity level, enhance levels of antioxidants, improve health of heart, and deliver optimum hydration to the body.

Take a look at this expirement. They used the most famous bottled water brands for this one and tested the quality against alkaline. The results are really mind blowing!

Are there alternatives to these brands?

There are multitude of high ph water brandsavailable in the market, across different price ranges, with many features and claims. We have picked 5 of the best alkaline water machinesof the basis of actual performance, the available features and specifications, price factor, user review, reputation of the brand and overall effectiveness of the water machine. Therefore, the five profiled models in our alkaline water machine reviewsare the best available in the market, on an overall rating, and it would be wise to choose a water machine from one among the five brands profiled in our water ionizer reviews.

Our final recommendation

Our water ionizer reviewsof 5 of the high ph water brandstakes into consideration many factors.   We have actively considered many aspects including the build quality of the machine, when numbers and types of plates are electrodes used in the ionization unit.  Other factors the need to be considered by a user before opting for a machine is the complexity of the installation, the frequency with which he needs to be cleaned, the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the cost of repair or replacement.  As far as performance is considered, users need to look at the ph and acid levels of the water by looking at the alkalinity levels, the ORP levels and the chlorine levels.

We have profiled 5 of the best machines on the basis of all of the above considerations, and all the 5 machines offer good flow rates with water that tastes good. Depending upon the cost of the product and the look and appeal of it, users can pick any one of the file to meet their needs.

What else do we offer at Steroidsmag?

Sufficient consumption of fresh, clean and unpolluted water is the basis for any optimization of the body, muscles and performance. Once this step is taken, Steroidsmag has many more great products to help you live a healthier and fitter lifestyle quickly and easily. Also around the topics around the muscle building and the fat burning, you find on the homepage of Steroidsmag much further information.