Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss on The Market – Reviews & Guide

Among the more popular and best selling products that are available for weight reduction programs are the scientifically backed human chorionic gonadotrophin, used in hcg drops for weight loss. Users claim that the products offer superior results with nil side effects.  The product works in an unique concept, which makes it easy to reduce weight without any discomfort. There are many products which work on this concept. However, only some are most effective, while the others have limited effects. Before you learn about the products or the way in which it works, take a look at a review of the four best hcg drops available.

The 4 Best HCG Drops

While there are many products on the market, there are only a few that really work. The following list gives you an overview over the different products and types.

HCG Complex

Manufactured by BioSource Labs LLC, this is one among the more reputed brands in the jmarket with almost a decade of distinguisehed presence in the field of dietary supplements. Verified users have posted posirtive reviews of the products with many claimig almost one pound of weight loss per day during the second phase in the program.

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HCG Triumph

A product from the very fmaous and respected Triu Naturals, this is among the more accomplished of the lot of products that work on the concept of naturally reducing weight, without side effects. The quality of the ingreients and the manufacturi8ng process foloowed make this a best seller.

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HCG 1234

From the stable of Creative BioScience, a widely respected and popular American comapny that supplies dietary supplements, this is among the four top products that deliver the best results for users. A large number of users have preferred this product from the time it was introduced and therefore makes it to this list of the top drops.

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Official HCG Diet Plan

With ingredients that enhance focus and attention levels during the weight loss program, hcg diet dropshas earned rave reviews among users who found that the product offered exceptionally good results. The money back guarantee of this product like the others offers users assurance about the quality of the product.

What exactly are HCG drops and what makes them special?

HCG acronym for human chorionic gonadotrophin is a naturally occuring harmone in the human body, found in females during the period of pregnancy. The drops are extracted/reproduced and used in combination with a diet for weight loss. It is special because it works naturally. It keeps rate of metabolism normal and maintains energy and attention levels in users who consume it, when they are on a diet that restricts the calorie intake. This is different from a regular crash diet or weight loss program where the metabiolism differs, and energy levels are low, affecting the resutls as well as the quality of life.

How do they work?

The ingredients of the real hcg dropsmaintain metabolism rate, while delivering the right levels of energy for users who are on a diet regime. The synthesized ingredients combine to keep individuals alert with complete focus, despite having their calorie levels reduced through a strich diet plan. This is the big difference between hcg drops for weight loss and other standalone weight loss programs.

The benefits & What results to expect?

Users have experienced considerable weight loss,w ith many reporting loss of one pound of weight per day during specific phases of the weight loss program. However, it is important to note that results will never be uniform for all, with results varying from person to person. Overall, weight loss will be experienced and dependig on how properly the diet protocols are followed, users can see exceptional resutls.

What are the side effects?

There are no known and recorded serious side effects. The only minor discomfort that may be experienced by some people are the light headedness or slight headache that can be felt mainly because of reduced intake of calories. These effects are not felt by all individuals, but only by those who are very sensisitve to food intake levels or calorie intake levels.

Where to buy the products?

The best hcg drops on the marketare available online and instores. The top four producgts have been profiled above – HCG Complex, HCG Triumph, Official HCG Diet Plan and HCG 1234. You can safely choose any of hte four products from their affiliate sites or purchase them directly. If you are looking for where to buy hcg drops, never fall for products that are convenitenly named very similar to the four best hcg drops on the marketmentioned above. Not only are these products the most popular and best selling, they are the most effective options that are available in the market, and extremely safe to use.

Differentiating The Real Drops from Homeopathic

Real HCG dropscontain the actual human harmone, whereas the homeopathic variety contains an eletronic imprint of the fat burning properties that produce results similar to the metabolic effects of the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone.

Drops or Injections – Pros & Cons

Both injections and drops have their own set of pros and cons. Here is a little peek at both.

Injections – HCG injections are by prescription only, and are on the higher side of the price band. Though you can self adminsiter the injections, it may be an issue when you are travelling, and come individuals will have to put up with mild discomfort.

Drops – The real hcg dropsare sublingually adminsitered, which means that you will take the drops underneath your tongue. You cannot consume food for a period of 30 minutes either before or after taking the drops. You need to time your activities around this. Drops are priced lower than injections and are easily available.

How to use the HCG Drops?

You will be required to take 10 drops thrice a day for the period laid down by the chosen program. The hcg diet drops are to be taken by placing the required amount underneath the tongue. The drops are not to be swallowed immediately, and the individual needs to wait for one minute for the drops to be absorbed naturally. After a minute, the remaining portion of the drops beneath the tongue are to be swallowed. Users are not to consume food or any liquid 30 minutes before or after taking the drops.

FAQs – The typical questions about the product

·     How Are HCG Drops Made?

The Hcg dropsare manufactured by a process that reproduces the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone which naturally occurs in humans.  Typically found in pregnant women, this hormone finds its origins from the fertilized egg. HCG hormone protects the fetus during the initial stages of pregnancy. The clinical form of injections, is used to trigger ovulation in females. HCG is extracted from the pituitary glands of humans and this is used to manufacture the synthesized powder, followig which the hcg diet drops are made. There are other methods which include electronic imprinting of HCG’s fat-burning properties. Here the ingredients will not contain the actual Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone but drops that produce the metabolic effects in a colloidal mineral water base.

  • Are they safe to use?

The drops are absolutely safe to use, considering the fact that they are manufactured in facilities that are FDA approved, in addition to adhering to GMP. The compliance with FDA and GMP is by iteself a confirmation of the high quality. They have been used by a large number of people safely with superior results.

  • What to eat while using HCG Drops?

There will be limited changes in your diet during the regimen. Foremost is the need to stick to a diet that is a calorie restricted one. This means that you will reduce your intake of calories in your diet. You may have to get adjusted to this during your weight reduction program.

·     What is th HCG diet phase?

There are three diet phases in the weight reduction program as explained in our hcg drops reviews. Phase 1 is also known as the loading phase. During the first two days of this phase you will be encouraged to eat anything, in unlimited quantities. From the third day onwards, you will be on a low calorie diet of 500 calories per day. The second phase is again a continuation of first phase with the intake maintained at 500 calores. The third phase also known as the maintenance phase will see an increase of calories to 1200 per day. This is when you will be off the drops, and the diet is intended to get your body to reaqdjust to the increased calorie intake, before you resume your normal diet.

  • How long should you consume them?

There are basically two programs that individuals can choose for weight loss. One program will actively last for 43 days, while the other program will actively last for 64 days. Gthis effectively means that an individual needs to follow the protocol actively for the particular periods, and afterwards maintain diets forever. In other words, individuals who look at a 43 day program will have to follow the diet strictly, while consuming the drops as required in the different phases. After the end of 43 days, weight has to be maintained with a responsible diet.

  • Is it ok to exercise while taking?

Moderate exercises are permitted, while high intensity exercises and training are to be avoided. This is because the first two phases involve the reduction of calorie intake to the body, while metabolism remains unchanged. This means that a unique condition is experienced by the body and it will not be in the best interest of your health to exercise vigiorously during this period. However, after the active treatment period ends, you can take up exercises and see the best results.

·     Are they FDA-approved?

The HCG manufacturing facility of the featured site are FDA approved and adhere to GMP. All users need to undestand that any dietary supplements or products that are available either OTC or as a prescription, need to be manufactured in facilities that are complaint with FDA and GMP. This gives the assurance of superior quality and banchmarked standards, making them safe for consumption.

  • Can it be used by men and women?

Yes, HCG can be used by both men and women, and will nt have any kind of feminizing effect on men. This is a human harmone, and not a harmone that influences gender. It is therefore safe for both men and women.

  • What is the calorie intake while using HCG diet drops?

The calorie intake differs across phases. During the three phases you will be consuming food that will give you an intake of either 500, 800, 1200 or 1400 calories.

Our final recommendation

After a careful analysis of the product through comprehensive hcg drops reviews, the scientific basis and the manner inwhich the product brings about results, we are of the informed opinion, that it is worth the money. One of the most important aspects of this method, is that it helps the body to naturally reduce weight and remain fit. Weight reduction typically comes with a reduced intake of food, and the biggest challenge is to remain energised during this phase in addition to keeping the metoblism rates normal. Normal diet programs do not offer any kind of results when it comes to maintaiing metoabolims rates or enegery levels. The best hcg dropsoffer exceptional results. Therefore, it it safe to sue the drops for bets results. Go for it.

Final note that users need to remember – users generally tend to make typos when searching for the products. They incorrectly enter the products name as htc drops or hgc drops. While all browsers will be default redirect the search to the right sites even if the users have typed in hgc drops orhtc drops, it is important to understand that there are no products to meet this requirement by the incorrect names. Visitors are cautioned to beware of attempts by unscrupulous elements who may take advantage of a lack of information.

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