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Weight loss goals are one of the most trickiest to achieve because of the many different factors that surround the actual weight loss. It is precisely because of these challenges that most of the products do not meet expectations of customers. Some of the products may help reach a particular goal, but beyond that the effects seem to wear off and the user is back to where he or she started. HCG complex drops are touted to offer exemplary results the areas of weight loss and achieving fitness goals. The product has been earning rave reviews and it is time that we took a good look to check out if it is indeed true or too good to be true.

What exactly is the hcg complex?

Hcg complex is a weight loss supplement that comes with its own diet plan that includes a calorie restricted diet. The product is organic and hundred percent natural derived from human chorionic gonadotropin hormone supplementation, which effectively means that the product is safe for consumption and will not have any side effects during use or anytime after use. Typically, HCG dietary supplements comprise weight loss product and a specific diet program that will work in tandem to offer results that meet the goals of individuals. The main ingredient of the product, hcg is a hormone present in men and women. The product actually achieves weight loss more by metabolism. What this means is that, by itself the product does not bring down weight, but will work with the body’s metabolism rate to reduce weight and improve fitness levels.

The company behind the product

Behind the success of any product lies the company and the people who make the product. This is entirely true in this case. HCG complexis a product of Biosource Labs, which is one of the most renowned and reputed suppliers of dietary products globally. The supplements that are supplied by Biosource Labs are manufactured in facilities in the USA, that have been approved by the FDA and are fully compliant with GMP.

What ingredients are used?

HCG complex ingredientsused in the product are natural and include a blend of more than 25 active ingredients that help to keep hunger pangs away and burn fat, by triggering the production of hormones in the body naturally. Some of the ingredients include the following.

  • L- glutamine – this amino acid helps in boosting energy levels, add as known to actively aid in weight loss even among individuals with relatively sedentary lifestyle and low exercise levels.
  • L- arginine – this boosts production of energy by improving the metabolism in the body. Increase metabolism translates into a balanced body weight with the right levels of fat. One of the main functions of these ingredients is to promote the development of muscle over fat.
  • Beta- alanine – great ingredient for loosing stubborn fat.
  • L- carnitine – this amino acid is very important in the production of energy, transporting fatty acid change for oxidation. This process helps to maintain body weight levels.
  • L- ornithine – this ingredient improves fat metabolism during exercise, and helps in breaking down fat. When fat is broken down the chances of with getting accumulated are stored in the body are less and this promotes weight loss and muscle gain.
  • Some of the other inactive ingredients include deionized water, xylitol, stevia, potassium sorbate and organic citrus extract.

How does it work?

All HCG diet programs combination of the dietary supplements and a specific calorie restricted diet. This effectively means that you need to take the product and follow strict diet regimen as per your goals. There are 3 different levels, that is respecting your calorific dietary intake to 500, 800 or 1200 calories per day. By cutting down on your intake to any of these three levels, you can actually automatically reduce your weight significantly. Which means that you are bound to ask the question if this product adds any real value? While it is true that reducing calorific intake can aid and bring about effective weight loss, it needs to be borne in mind that metabolism also needs to be handled so as to get the best sales. By merely reducing calorific intake you will not be able to maintain your metabolism levels. This product helps to maintain your metabolism levels, thereby offering you the best results.

What are the results?

The results, claimed, achieved and reported by users of this product include – redistribution of at issues in the body and  reduction of weight to the extent of one pound every single day. One of the biggest achievements of the product is the ability to fight food cravings.  Cravings for junk food is the single biggest obstacle in the battle of the bulge. This product helps to reduce weight effectively without having to take crash diets are extreme fitness programs that demand excessive exercise and long periods of involvement.

Customer reviews

Our HCG complex reviews will be incomplete without actual verified user reviews. So here are a few reviews to help readers understand the efficacy of the product.

Alfred: I took up weight loss as a challenge with my golf partner. Halfway through my efforts of crash diet and exercises, I found that I was going nowhere. This is when I came across this ad claiming quick weight loss. I give it a try mainly out of curiosity, and because I felt assured seeing the company’s name. I knew that I would either get results or not, but that there would be no side effects. And my gamble paid off.  I actually lost twelve pounds, well in time to meet my little personal challenge with my golf buddy.

Loraine: after childbirth, I somehow seemed to put on weight very fast, and it was necessary that I reduce my weight drastically. My profession demands socializing and I was a bit uncomfortable being overweight. I took this product as a trial, and over a period of 1 week, I actually lost three pounds of weight. Do this was nowhere close to the claim of one pound every day, I am fine with the results because I did not push myself too much to achieve weight loss. I am now into my second course, and this time I plan to get better results.

Are their alternatives?

There are many alternative products available in the market, which claim to offer similar results. Some of the more famous products that compete in the same space include Coffee Blocks, Damiana, Lumonol, burn HD and HCG activator. Without going into the merits of the claims of the other products, it is safe to assume that this product is certainly one of the best, considering the facts brought out in this HCG complex review,actual user reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Should you buy the diet drops?

Before you buy the drops you need to understand that results may vary for different people. It is possible that you may get enhanced results, and it is also possible that you may get results that are slightly below par. You can expect to lose a pound of weight per day, going by the user reviews and the objectives of the program which include the diet restriction. If you are ready to put yourself through restricted diet over a short period of time for the purpose of reducing your weight, then this is a good choice.

Our summary of the hcg complex drops review

We sum up our HCG complex drops reviews in a nutshell. There is considerable data to prove that the product offers results with no reported side effects. Many users have reported that they have lost upwards of one pound of weight every single day. This is actually possible considering the diet that one needs to follow and the combination of enhance metabolism that the product delivers. Will we recommend this product to users who are looking for an effective weight loss program? Yes, the product is worth a try, considering that it comes with a full money back guarantee.

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The product has already helped many thousands of people all over the world to finally have their dream body again. The many positive experiences also show that the effectiveness of this product is high. However, it is never wrong to look at other products and get more information. Our overview of HCG Drops is ideally suited for this. There they will find the most effective products to finally lose weight.