Gynecomastia Treatment – The Best Way To Get Rid Of Male Breast

Are you looking for the effective gynecomastia treatment to get rid of man boobs? It is well known fact, that only women have breasts while men have flat chests. Nothing can be more shocking therefore when you wake up one morning and find, that as a healthy young or middle aged male, you have man boobs. Having male breasts can hamper your self esteem to a considerable extent and can make you averse to social interactions. You will find yourself unable to meet your friends and peers with the same confidence that you used to before, and engaging with members of the opposite sex shall seem next to impossible for you.

Gynecomastia Treatment - How to get rid of Man Boobs

Male gynecomastia can be caused due to metabolic abnormalities, as a side effect of a particular medicine or as a result of what is popularly known as the Klinefelter syndrome. There are both surgical procedures and non invasive gynecomastia treatments that you can opt for in order to get rid of your man boobs once and for all. The non invasive treatment for gynecomastia, including the intake of herbal supplements or some best gynecomastia pills are better than surgical methods as there is no cutting involved and these are a lot cheaper to afford as well. The following are some of the best known methods that you can take advantage of in order to know how to get rid of Gynecomastia in the quickest and easiest possible way.

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Effective Gynecomastia Treatments

1. Get Rid of Gynecomastia Problem By Doing Right Exercises

It is absolutely true that you can reduce your chest size and do away with your man boobs if you work out for long hours at the gym, performing specific exercises. There are special gynecomastia exercises that you can perform just for the purpose of reducing gynecomastia so when you sign up for a membership at a gym, you need to get in touch with the instruction as soon as you can and find out about these exercises.

how to get rid of gynecomastia with exercise

  • Interval Training

Interval Training is something that you can involve yourself in to reduce your man boobs. This is essentially a series of short but intensive exercises that you need to perform on a daily basis in order to remove all that excessive fat in your chest.

  • Pushups

Pushups should also comprise an important part of your fitness routine especially if you are looking to reduce man breasts. Doing pushups will help you to tighten the muscles in your chest and will enable you to reduce the size of these muscles at the same time.

  • Incline Press

Try an incline press with the use of dumbbells in order to lift your chest and make it look less saggy once all the fat has been burnt. You should of course take care to perform this particular exercise under the supervision of an instructor as there is a possibility otherwise of you seriously harming yourself in the process.

  • Seated Row

Seated row exercises are what you can also engage in for eliminating your man boobs. These are exercises that will help you to work your pectoral muscles into a state of firmness, making that chest of yours look flat, beautiful and masculine once again.

2. How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs by Diet

treatment for gynecomastia

How to get rid of man boobs with diet? You can reduce your man breasts by simply cutting down on your daily consumption of fat since lipids are what breasts are mostly comprised of. You need to make sure that the daily diet which you follow for gynecomastia is one that is rich in fiber and low in fat. Such a diet shall make it possible for your body to burn all the additional calories in your chest and you will go back to having a nice tight and firm chest in no time at all. If you take recourse to the use of gynecomastia pills or creams for the purpose of gynecomastia (read our review on Gynexol Review – Best Cream To Get Rid of Man Boobs) then you need to ensure that you follow the correct diet so that all the excess calories or fat gets easily converted to forms of usable energy.

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3. Gynecomastia Removal Surgery To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Opting for surgical procedures to resolve a condition like gynecomastia is not really desirable. For one, such procedures can require you to spend a lot of money, more than what people are usually capable of spending on an invasive gynecomastia procedure. You can end up spending hundreds and thousands of dollars if you decide to undergo a gynecomastia surgery in order to reduce your male breasts enhancement once and for all. There are also a number of risks that are associated with surgical procedures that are not worth experiencing for any healthy male.

If your gynecomastia is not caused by any chronic condition then you can safely make use of natural supplements like gynecomastia pills and creams in order to reduce your breast size and make your chest look like a normal male chest again. Gynecomastia pills and supplements that have been designed for curing gynecomastia treatments are made up entirely of natural ingredients and are usually not known to trigger side effects. It would still of course better to consult a personal physician and find out if taking certain herbal supplements or applying certain topical creams for curing gynecomastia treatment, would be a good thing for you to do based on your personal medical record.


If you have been using topical creams and natural supplements to reduce man boobs for more than a year and there is still no improvement then you may just have to get a glandular tissue removed. The man boobs surgery associated with this is quite intensive and will no doubt be rather expensive. However, the success rate of the gynecomastia surgery is likely to be quite high and there are numerous clinics and doctors who are specially trained to perform such surgeries in the first place.

By and large, having man boobs is not an issue that is serious enough to require gynecomastia surgery. You need to remember that the entire purpose of life is to be healthy and happy rather than look good. The natural topical creams and supplements that exist for gynecomastia are known to be quite effective and are ideally what you should make use of in order to cure such a condition in your body.

4. Topical Creams For Gynecomastia Removal

How to get rid of male breasts without surgery? The use of topical creams to remove male breasts enlargement can prove to be a far better idea than surgery. This is because when you find yourself stranded with male boobs you realize that it is something to be sad about yes, but not something that requires you to go under the knife. Man breasts can be removed in a safe and easy manner through the application of numerous topical creams that are available for sale in the market, usually in stores online.

Gynecomastia Removal Cream

The topical creams work by burning the fat that is contained in your chest specifically these target the adipose tissues and the mammary glands. In order to be able to use such creams in the best possible way, you need to apply the topical creams over your chest diligently for two to three times in a day. Once you have applied the cream well enough you need to wait for it to dry up completely before you can put your shirt back on. You need to allow the cream to get absorbed right into your skin in order for it to be able to work well.

The only disadvantage that comes with using the topical creams for gynecomastia is that the results cannot be witnessed too instantly. You need to wait for a good three months before you can start witnessing the results of having used such cream. So depending on how serious your problem of gynecomastia is, you may have to wait for quite some time before you are able to get yourself that nice flat chest that you so desire. Once the results do begin to show, you will know that the wait has been a worthwhile one.

Of all the topical creams that are available for gynecomastia in the market, the best one happens to be Gynexol. This is a topical cream that is made up entirely of natural ingredients, usually Aloe Vera juice, green tea extract, caffeine and retinol. Gynexol is one of the finest topical creams to make use of largely because this is a cream that is free from side effects of any sort. There are no allergic reactions that you could end up experiencing when you use this cream for gynecomastia at any point.

Creams like Gynexol and others are also quite easily available for sale online. The average length of time for a cream like Gynexol to show its results would be just one month compared to other creams. This cream does indeed show very quick results, as the retinol and Aloe Vera components of the cream work wonders to burn all that pent up fat in your chest. If you make it a point to use Gynexol on a daily basis, then you can end up getting that flat chest which you want sooner than usual, rather than have to wait three to four months for it.

Pros & Cons of Using Topical Gynecomastia Treatment Creams

Pros of Using Topical Male Breast Reduction Creams

One of the most important benefits that are associated with the use of topical creams for breast reduction is that these are creams which are easy to use. Applying such creams can be done in a matter of minutes. The topical creams come in tube form and you need to squeeze out a little bit only and apply this over your chest twice a day every day. You never have to worry about later rinsing your chest or wiping it with a wet towel as the cream gets absorbed into your skin instantly and starts working its magic.

Another benefit that comes with the use of any topical cream for gynecomastia is that these are products that are quite easy to procure. You never have to look long and hard in order to get hold of such creams in the first place. The topical creams for gynecomastia, including Gynexol are widely available for sale online and can be bought from internet stores at highly discounted rates. You can also get to buy these creams at a price that is lower than the usual market price if you make a bulk purchase of such topical creams.


Cons of Using Topical Male Boobs Reduction Creams

The biggest problem that comes with the use of topical creams is that the results of their use take a really long time to show. You may have to wait for several months before you can actually get to see your chest size reverting to its normal size. Different people also react different to the impact of any topical cream, so what works well for you may not work well for others and vice versa. It would be wise to be as patient as possible when using topical creams for breast reduction and not expect any results to emerge before a few months have lapsed of using these creams.

5. Natural Herbal Gynecomastia Treatment Pills For Reducing Male Breasts

Natural Herbal Gynecomastia Treatment Pills

The breast reduction pills are often regarded as an excellent alternative to surgical and other invasive procedures that may be carried out to reduce male boobs. Such gynecomastia pills can be found for sale online and elsewhere without difficulty and are usually composed of natural ingredients only. The most well known gynecomastia pill in the market is Gynexin. It is known to showcase results faster and quicker than its cream counterpart known as Gynexol.

Some of the well known ingredients that are contained in Gynexin include elements like :

  • Theobromine Cacao
  • Scaleorides
  • Guggulsterone
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea Extract

These are ingredients that get absorbed by your body very easy since these are active ingredients as a result of which you can expect such a pill to work much better for gynecomastia problem than any topical cream. Gynexin is a pill that has been designed very specifically for the cure of a physical condition like gynecomastia. It therefore works much faster to cure gynecomastia than any other solution that you can find in the market for this purpose.

Like most other breast reduction pills that are available in the market, Gynexin reduces the estrogen levels in your body and gives a boost to your body’s testosterone levels. Since a reduction in testosterone is often regarded as one of the primary causes of gynecomastia, this is one of the ways in which Gynexin proves to be a much better and effective solution for the cure of gynecomastia than any topical solution. In fact there is a 99% chance that a pill like Gynexin will work well in your body to reduce your man boobs and give you a desirable flat male chest.

There are numerous testimonials that exist online and which ascertain to the fact that Gynexin is indeed the best product to buy for the reduction of your man boobs. This is a pill that is known to suit consumers of all ages, even those who are above forty five years of age. So if you are in your middle age and are suffering from gynecomastia, you should not hesitate to make use of this pill in order to reduce your breasts and get yourself a wonderful, well toned, tight, firm and appealing chest.

The fast absorption rate which is commonly associated with gynecomastia pills is the primary reason why these gynecomastia pills are so effective in the first place. Once you consume the pill, the ingredients get broken down in your body immediately and start the fat burning process. The ingredients contained in Gynexin particularly are quite potent and begin to work immediately in the upper chest area in your body.

The breast reduction pills are not always as cost efficient as the breast reduction creams. When you buy a pill like Gynexin for gynecomastia, you need to make sure that this cream contains all the right ingredients and that too in all the right proportions. You need to remember that different manufacturers of a product like Gynexin include the various ingredients of the pill in different proportions. So the pill which you buy in particular ought to be purchased from a seller of repute, who will have used all the correct ingredients in the pill, in the right quantity. This is very important. Otherwise you will end up with a pill that will show very mediocre results and buying which could in a way turn out to be a waste of money for you.

The cost of breast reduction pills is never less than $50 a bottle and this is likely to last you only for a period of one month or a month and a half. So getting hold of these gynecomastia pills is not likely to be all that cheap for you. Yet if you compare the cost of buying gynecomastia pills with the cost of gynecomastia surgery  in order to reduce male boobs, you will find that the cost of buying pills is far, far lower. You never have to spend a fortune on the purchase of breast reduction pills which you have to do when undergoing a male breast reduction surgery.

The intake of breast reduction pills is something that will be ideal for you if you don’t want to go under the knife in order to get rid of your man boobs, if you don’t have insurance to cover the cost of any surgical procedure for this purpose and if you are committed to a daily fitness regimen that will help you to lose your gynecomastia a lot quicker than usual. Gynecomastia pills are what you should avoid consuming if you are looking for immediate results or if you want to make yourself like a Greek God with a sculpted chest and all, once your man boobs have been reduced.

Pros of Using Gynecomastia Treatment Pills

There are no dangers associated with the use of breast reduction pills. These are quite safe and easy to use and usually do not contain preservatives or additives that can prove to be harmful for your well being. If you stick to your daily dosage of such pills, that is, if you regularly take these pills twice in a day alongside a rigorous fitness regimen, then you can certainly expect these pills to produce desirable results for you.

You can get a bottle of breast reduction pills to last you for a considerable length of time. Buying breast reduction pills will not burn a hole in your pocket as there are thirty to sixty of these pills in every bottle and you can get these to last for a month at least if not longer than that. So the money that you spend on these pills will be almost like a onetime purchase as you will need to wait for several days before you run out of these pills again.

Cons of Using Gynecomastia Treatment Pills

The only possible con that is associated with breast reduction pills is that these can vary from one to the other where efficacy is concerned. Not all the breast reduction pills that are available for sale in the market are equally efficient. So you really need to wait and see which works best for you. There are some pills like Gynexin that can start showing results within a month of being used while with other pills you may have to wait for several months before you can witness any result.

Are Natural Breast Reduction Pills Better Than Prescription Medication?

How to get rid of man boobs naturally? There are a number of prescription gynecomastia medications that are available in the market for the cure of gynecomastia. Yet it is not necessarily true that such pills could work better than the natural breast reduction pills in the market. Gynexin for instance is one herbal pill that targets the lipids in your body right away and begins the fat burning process in a way that the results of this can be seen in a time period that is as short as one month. Most natural breast reduction pills have been designed in a way that these can effectively bring about man boobs reduction in your body in a quick time span, and often these pills can give the prescription pills a run for their money.

You also need to remember that herbal pills unlike the prescription pills do not have side effects at all. There are no adverse bodily side effects that you can expect to go through when you opt for any of the herbal pills to reduce gynecomastia problem. Even vomiting and nausea are symptoms that you will be not likely to experience when making use of any natural gynecomastia pill.

Gynecomastia Treatment Before & After Results

Gynecomastia Treatment Before And After Results

Male Boobs Reduction Products Need To Be Chosen Wisely

It is important to choose breast reduction products as wisely as possible in order to make sure that these products generate the best results for you. In fact there are a number of important points which you need to take into consideration before you make a purchase of any breast reduction product in the market. First and foremost you need to decide how soon it is that you want your male boobs to disappear. If you want these to vanish as quickly as possible then surgery may be the only option for you.

You also need to decide whether you want to go under the knife to get rid of your gynecomastia or whether topical creams and herbal pills would suffice for you. While these take a longer time to work, there are no adverse side effects that come from these and you will be able to remove gynecomastia while maintaining sound health at the same given time. There are certain breast reduction solutions like the intake of breast reduction pills that will require you to spend long hours at the gym as well and stick to a fat free daily diet. You therefore need to determine whether you are up for these challenges before deciding on a gynecomastia solution that works best for you.

There are numerous kinds of treatments that you will come across these days for the cure of a condition like gynecomastia and treatment for gynecomastia includes treatments like the use of herbal supplements and topical creams for breast reduction. However, the product that has been known to work the best for most users is Gynexin. This is a breast reduction pill that really works like lightning to give you the results that you so want.

If you are looking to resolve your gynecomastia in a short time span and don’t want to wait for months on end in order for your chest to look like a normal masculine chest again, then this supplement would be ideal for you to take. There are no dire medical consequences associated with its consumption and it works in the fastest possible way to give you that wonderful looking chest that all males should boast of. You simply need to ensure that you diligently follow a low fat high fiber diet and a proper exercise regimen alongside your daily dosage of this pill, for best results. The above explained ways are safer options on how to get rid of gynecomastia.

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