Gynexol Review – Best Cream To Get Rid of Man Boobs

Gynoxel Review - Male Breast Reduction CreamAre your man boobs a cause of worry for you? Are you looking for quick and effective ways to get rid of fatty deposits in the breast once and for all? Then look no further. Read the Gynexol review to reduce your male breast. Gynexol is a new topical cream that you can apply for breast reduction and this Gynexol review tells you about all the pros and cons that are associated with its use. Having enlarged male breasts can turn out to be quite rough for your self esteem and you may not find it easy to face your friends, family and especially your wife or girlfriend because of this! The good news is that this is a condition that is a perfect cure for gynecomastia in a number of cost effective non surgical ways.

Any surgical procedure associated with man boobs is in fact, very exorbitantly priced and there are few men out there who can afford such surgery in the first place. Using topical creams to reduce male breasts is way more common and this is why knowing about Gynexol and what it can do for you would be a wise thing to do. Gynexol is easily available over the counter and is being increasingly used in several countries of the world.

What Is Gynexol?


At first glance, Gynexol is a product that comes across like any other topical cream that is available in the market. Yet it contains a solution which differs in terms of its formulation from various other topical creams available for sale. The ingredients that are contained in it enable it to work quickly and effectively for the purpose of reducing male breasts. You will find your man breast having vanished in a very short period of time if you engage in the regular application of this topical cream.

How Does Gynexol – Breast Reduction Cream Work?

Gynexol targets the fat that is deposited in the chest and slowly burns this way, removing your man breast completely in the long run. The cream gets absorbed into your chest through the skin after which it reacts with lipids resulting in the fat cells in the chest shrinking to a considerable extent. If you make it a point to use this topical cream on a frequent basis, then you can expect your chest to revert to its actual size within some time. Your chest will look flat and muscular once again instead of having a droopy and sagging appearance.


Ingredients of Gynexol Boobs Reduction Cream

It needs to be remembered that Gynexol is a topical cream that is entirely natural in its composition and is made up of a number herbal as well as plant based ingredients.


Retinol is the first among the well known ingredients contained in it. It was discovered way back in the decade of the 1930’s. This is an ingredient that is known to have quite a positive impact when it is applied over skin. It assists in the removal of wrinkles, lines, scars and blemishes and its firming properties are well appropriated by the Gynexol formula that enables the skin on your chest from remaining absolutely tight even after the removal of excessive fat from your breasts.

What should also be noted is that Retinol comprises a major ingredient several stretch mark serums and creams that are sold in the market these days largely because of the fact that it is extremely versatile in terms of its use. As a man you could end up developing some nasty stretch marks over your chest once you have lost the extra fat or weight from your chest, which could be as disconcerting as it would be to have enlarged male breasts in the first place.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice is another important component of Gynexol gynecomastia cream which is characterized by a vast array of health benefits. It acts as a natural fat burner by burning the fat which is contained in the area around your pectoral muscles, keeping your muscle mass untouched at the same time.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a popular herb that is used a great deal in Chinese medicine and which forms an active ingredient in Gynexol. In fact this is one of the ingredients that make Gynexol a true male gynecomastia treatment. Gingko Biloba has proprieties that promote the production of collagen enabling the skin to easily tighten up and thus prevents or at least delays the effects of the aging process like wrinkles and sagging. It also promotes better blood circulation in your body which in turn does wonders for your cardiovascular system and your skin.


Ethoxydiglycol is an ingredient in Gynexol that assists in the process of holding all the other ingredients together. It works as a good delivery system or carrier which is needed for the ingredients to get absorbed into your skin in the right manner. In this respect it must be noted that a lot of gynecomastia creams available for sale in the market fail to work efficiently because the ingredients that these contain are not blended well together. Poor absorption is another reason, resulting in all the potential effects of the ingredients getting easily negated. Since, it is a product that gets absorbed by your skin quite easily it delivers results that are quite impressive.

How To Use Gynexol Cream

What Are The Effects That Are Expected When Using Gynexol?

Reduced Breast Size

When you make use of gynecomastia cream for male breast reduction then the first thing you can expect to notice is for your breast cup size to get significantly reduced. This is a result that you can expect to see within just four to six weeks of having used Gynexol. The formula’s effect is rather instantaneous as it helps in getting rid of the fatty deposits in your chest as soon as it is absorbed by your skin. The more you make use of this particular product, the more will be the quantity of fat that gets burnt in your chest. Very soon you will find that your chest has become completely flat and unremarkable, in the way that it used to be before the development of gynecomastia.

Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is another obvious impact of using Gynexol. When the pectoral muscles in your chest get tightened upon the application of Gynexol, your tightened and sleek chest will be visible to one and all. Your skin gets tightened owing to more collagen being produced as a means of compensating loss of lipids. The Gingko Baloba and Aloe Vera enable the fat burning process while the retinol helps in keeping your skin supple and tight.

Gynexol is not a topical gyno cream that can be regarded as a body building or muscle building product at all. Yet since it does help to remove a considerable amount of fat from your chest, all that gets to remain in your chest is muscle mass. As a result, you can expect to show off a fine looking manly chest to one and all once you have used the gynecomastia cream for breast reduction. Those sagging breasts will have disappeared once and for all and you will be left with a chest that only male models can boast of perhaps. While it does tighten your chest muscles, it does not create a sense of discomfort upon doing so, at all.

Side Effects of Gynexol Cream

Gynexol is a topical cream for male breast reduction that is completely safe to use. While most other topical creams in the market are known to induce a sense of irritation or redness, it does not come with such side effects and has a very soothing impact on your skin. This is a product that would be safe for you to use even if you have very sensitive skin and are worried about the possible impact that any topical cream might have when you use it for curing a condition like gynecomastia.

However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can take a bit of this cream and apply it over the back of your hand and wait for some time. If your skin starts itching, if it turns red or you witness the outbreak of rashes within a few hours of having applied the skin, then you will understand that Gynexol is not meant for your skin type.

Gynexol Results Before & After

Gynexol Cream Before And After Results

When you buy a topical cream for breast reduction, the first thing that you of course want to know is how soon this cream is likely to act for you. With gynecomastia cream, there is no fixed time period in which you can expect the results of using this cream, to show. How this topical cream affects you, is something that will depend a lot on your skin type. Yet for most users, the results of using Gynexol begin to show in a time period of three to four months of having used it, provided the cream has been used on a continuous basis without any interruptions in between. If your use of this cream is irregular you cannot expect it to work wonders for you.

Why Is It Better To Buy Gynexol As Compared To Other Topical Creams In The Market?

There are numerous topical creams that are available in the market for the purpose of male breast reduction, and all of these are known to be quite effective. However, it seems to be the most preferred product among consumers in this respect since it does not induce side effects upon being used. There are no adverse effects that you can expect to experience when you make use of this cream, like nausea, vomiting or any other form of uneasiness. While rashes can occur, the possibility of this taking place is remote.

Gynexol Cream Happy Customers

Where Can You Buy Gynexol?

Gynexol is a product that you can easily find for sale online and that too for the most competitive prices. Most online sellers of this product are known to offer a hundred percent money back guarantee should you fail to be satisfied with this product upon buying it. An added benefit that comes with purchasing breast reduction cream online is the fact that it gets delivered to your doorstep for free. The average length of time that it takes for the product to reach you once you have paid for it online is usually not longer than seven or eight days. If you are still confused of buying it, then you can read the gynexol customer reviews & testimonials.

Gynexol Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Function of Gynexol?

Gynexol aims to reduce the fat that is deposited in your chest, helping you to reduce your enlarged male breasts and making your chest look nice, tight and masculine. You can expect your self confidence to get boosted to a considerable extent when you use male gynecomastia creams for breast reduction.

How Do You Apply Gynexol Cream?

Gynexol cream needs to be applied over your enlarged male breasts twice a day at least. You need to make sure that you massage this cream well over your chest in order for all the ingredients that are contained in it to seep nicely into your chest skin. You should also wait for this cream to dry up completely after which you can put on your shirt again, usually not be longer than a few minutes.

How Is Gynexol Used?

Gynexol comes in the form of a tube and if you want to apply it on your chest you just need to press the bottom of the tube lightly in order for the gel to come out. Try and not use this cream in excessive quantity as it can have a drying impact on your skin and tighten your chest muscles a bit too much.

How Does Gynexol Work?

Gynexol works primarily in two different ways. In the first way it reduce gynecomastia by helping to shrink the excessive deposit that is contained in your chest.  You will find your male breasts having disappeared within four to six months before you engage in the continuous use of this cream. This cream also tightens your chest muscles and gives you that lovely masculine chest which you so desire, in order to impress your lady friends and give that male ego of yours the boost that it needs.



Many customers who have used this cream have given the positive Gynexol reviews. You can easily reduce your male breast by using this cream. It tightens the skin when the breast size is reduced which transforms the male breast to male chest.

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