Some Plants For Repelling Mosquitoes [Infographic]

Mosquitoes just do not bite or make an unpleasant whirring noise. They are known health hazards and some of the worst forms of malaria, dengue, encephalitis and various other diseases are caused by mosquito bites. It would be therefore not a bad idea to have a look at a few quality natural repellants instead of settling for artificial ones.

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

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  • They Are Disease Carriers

They suck blood form human and animals and transmit a host of diseases from animals to human beings and from one human being to another. Millions of people suffer from various diseases transmitted by mosquitoes including malaria, zika, dengue, encephalitis and many more.

  • Anti-Mosquito Chemicals Are Dangerous

Dousing your home or even yourself with anti-mosquito chemicals has its own share of problems and side effects.

Some Proven Natural Mosquito Repellents

We will learn more about a few plants which have excellent mosquito repellant properties. They are proven and time tested.


Citronella plant, also known as Citrosum plant is a good anti-mosquito option. It can be grown in your home and it has a unique citronella fragrance emanating from its foliage.

Crushed Citronella Leaves Can Help

The leaf when crushed and rubbed into the skin gives out a very pleasant aroma. At the same time it helps to naturally keep mosquitoes at bay.  It is very safe and does not have any serious side effects associated with these repellants.

Lemon Balm Has Great Mosquito Repellent Properties

The green leaves from the lemon balm have the fantastic scent of lemon and they also come with a hint of mint attached to it.

  • It Drives Mosquitoes And Has Other Healing Properties

This is because they belong to the mint family.  It wards off mosquitoes quite effectively and also has quite a few other healing properties.

  • Citronella Also Could Help In Pollination

It also attracts a number of pollinating agents like bees and butterflies.

  • Very Easy To Use

All you have to do is to crush a few leaves of lemon balm leaves and rub the juice on the skin that is exposed. You can easily grow this plant and you can also buy it online if you wish.


Catnip is often considered to be one of the best naturally occurring insect repellents.

  • Catnip Is Rich In Nepetalactone

It is rich in a natural chemical by the name nepetalactone which keeps insects away and also attracts felines.

  • It Is Effective Than DEET

Many studies have proven that when compared to DEET, catnip is at least 10 times more effective.

  • It Attracts Cats & Felines Too

However, if you are not a fan of cats, you may not like this plant but having feline company is much better than being bitten all over the place by deadly mosquitoes.

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